Jammin’ 105.7 is Raiders Nation, baby!

DJ Thump‘s first tailgate was this past Sunday at the Cardinals vs. Raiders game at Allegiant Stadium.

We had an amazing time, and there’s no party like a Raiders party. We cooked mouth-watering food like hot links, chorizo, greens and so much more.

And don’t even get us started on the other tents and tailgaters, who had flat-top grills that were cooking carne asada, carnitas, grilled vegetables and so much more

As fans were partying — some with a michelada or a beer in hand — a sense of community was felt across the J lot parking lot.

We played West Coast classics and Raider Nation anthems. Remember . . . “the autumn wind is a pirate.”

We also gave away a Davante Adams jersey. Every tailgate, we’ll be giving away TONS of prizes like official jerseys, concert tickets and more! Thump’s tailgate is the HOTTEST tailgate in the Las Vegas valley. Shoutout to the winner of this week’s giveaway, who was super lucky because her ticket was the first one we pulled.

As far as the actual game, well this was a different story. Unfortunately, the Raiders let us down and lost the game during overtime, which was painful to watch. Kyler Murray took the sleepy Cardinals offense and pushed them to the win.

Man . . . and I thought Adams was going to bring us to Super Bowl victory. But listen, my spirit isn’t crushed completely. There are still more games, which means there will be more of my tailgates.

Our next tailgate will be on Oct.2, and we’ll be in H lot. Check out our event page below for more information about our upcoming tailgate.

Thump’s Tailgate: Join Us Every Sunday Home Game

Here is the full schedule for Thump’s tailgate:

Oct. 2 vs the Denver Broncos

Oct. 23 vs the Houston Texans

Nov. 13 vs the Indianapolis Colts

Dec. 4 vs the Los Angeles Chargers

Dec. 18 vs the New England Patriots

Jan. 1 vs the San Francisco 49ers