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In general, I’m not one to judge baby names. I have been all over the world where I’ve bumped into a Zoeth, Paisley, or Abcde (Absedee) at the playground just about everyday. To be perfectly honest I have a unique name. Marlon Ca’juel Jermaine Rice but that story is for another time. Picking a name for your child is an intensely personal form of expression, and after carrying those bundles of joy around in our bellies for nine months, we have the right to choose whatever name we want, from serious, to spiritual and downright silly.

So, yeah, I’m pretty shock proof when it comes to unusual baby names, but I’ll admit that the weird kid name trend can be a bit much.

On the celebrity front, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pretty much win the wacky baby names award, with daughter North West and son Saint. But it gets weirder. Much. Weirder. After Googling a few things like, “unusual baby names” and “weird kid names,” I came across the weirdest of the weird baby names. Naming a child is one of the first acts of parenting and it is also one of the most difficult things to do. I have no doubt that most parents agonize over this obligation and take it quite seriously.

However, when you see the outrageous names sometimes chosen for children because of a fleeting parental infatuation with a celebrity or because it sounds like fun to have a new baby with a splashy moniker, it seems as if parents occasionally lose sight of the fact that a name is something that a person must contend with throughout an entire lifetime.

According to Psychology Today, it has been known that grade school children with highly unusual names or names with negative associations tend to be less popular than kids with more desirable names. The report also mentions how later in life unattractive or unpopular names lead to more rejection by potential romantic partners in online dating sites. Unfortunately, names can trigger implicit biases against disadvantaged minority groups.

A study conducted by, wanted to find out the relationship between first names and teacher expectations for achievement motivation. The study conducted of 130 elementary school teachers which revealed lower expectations for the behavior of children with African American-sounding names compared to children with Caucasian sounding-names. African American kids with the most unique names are the ones most likely to be socially and academically discriminated against. Along these same lines, an African American sounding name on a resume can lead to as many as 50% fewer callbacks from help-wanted ads.

  • Akuji

    The meaning of this African name is “dead and awake” – not very cheery for a new life!

  • Claudia

     you might want to avoid this feminine of Latin Claudius as it means “lame” or “disabled”.

  • Delores

    This Spanish name sadly means “lady of sorrows”

  • Cecilia

    Although this pretty sounding Latin name may be your name of choice, you may want not want to tempt fate as it means “Blind”.

  • Desdemona

    You’d already be off to a bad start as this Shakespearean character is murdered by her husband, Othello. Never mind that this Greek name means “Of the devil”, “ill fated one” and “Misery”.

  • Emily

    Emily is an English version of the Latin Aemilila, which comes from the word for “rival”.

  • Jezebel

    Once used as a word to shame women, this Hebrew name actually means “an impure follower of idols”

  • Leah

    The name Leah actually has many different meanings in many languages, but in American or Hebrew-speaking families this name means “tired or weary”.

  • Mallory

    You just can’t get any worse than this unisex French name – it means “unfortunate” or “ill-fated”

  • Rebecca

    Although this biblical woman is normally looked up to, being one of the main characters in the bible, the name actually means “to bind”, “to tie” or “snare”.

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