Cute items for your boo.

Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14 and you may be thinking, wasn’t it just Christmas? And the answer is yes. The days are going faster and faster as we get older.

Now if you’re not a shopper or a fan of Valentine’s Day, you may just want to scroll through the photos to see what to get for those you love. The best part about the 99 Cent Only Store is that the décor is relatively discounted. Plus, they offer really cute options. Now, if you’re a shopper of the 99 Cent Only Store, you know what were talking about. And for the ones who don’t, not everything is $0.99. Some items range from $0.99 to prices as high as $39.99. We don’t make the prices but we search for items that are priced right even at our local dollar stores.

99 Cent Only Stores Valentine’s Day Items

Furthermore, if you a baller on a budget, you need to check out your nearest store as the shelves have been recently stocked with new red and pink everything. We sent our digital shopper to get a sneak peek at what’s to expect.

Additionally, items include lovey-dovey mugs, heart-shaped dishes, studded animals, door hanger hangs, heart jars, mini heart classroom exchange cards and many more! Gift baskets for the kids could easily be made for under $20.00. Cards are also a great way to say “I love and care about you” without spending your entire paycheck. The card selection is wide and pretty heartfelt. Show the ones you love this Valentine’s Day with some cute items.

99 Cent Only Stores Locations And Times

Even so, there are 18 locations around the Vegas valley and Henderson combined, so there’s a chance for you to find some of the hot items listed below. Besides, most locations are open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m. so those of us who work the 9-5 lifestyle can go after work.

  • Circle Colorful Trays

    These trays are great for holiday parties or even atop of your work desk. They can eaily hold candies and other sweet treats,

    Pink, white and red stacked trays for Valentine's Day.

    These pink, white and red trays are great for candy, cupcakes and small bites.

  • Purple Heart-Shaped Tinsel

    Colorful tinsel is always an easy décor item. Spruce up your home or work place with a little Valentine’s color-pop.

    Tinsel heart-shaped purple wall décor.

    These are soft to touch and brightly colored. These are great for offices.

  • Plastic Heart Colorful Baskets

    If you’re a teacher, these plastic heart backets are perfect for storing holiday cards and treats. Parents, show your child love with a stuffed basket of cute things.

    Blue, dark pink, light pink and red heart baskets.

    These are perfect for making loved ones a lil package full of goodies.

  • Beaded-Valentine's Heart Shaped Wall Décor

    These beaded hanging décor items were a big hit in 2023. Use them to brighten up your doors, walls or outside porches.

    Heart wood hanging decor.

    These heart shaped beaded hanging pieces are adorable. They are perfect for doors, walls and outside porches.

  • Valentine's Day Cards

    These are great for students during holiday parties. They are also great for work places to show your “love” or appreciation during Valentine’s Day.

    Themed Valentine's Day cards.

    A variety of themed Valentine cards are easy to choose from. These are great for students to pass to each other.

  • Cute Stuffed Animals

    These adorable stuffed animals are great for the stuffy-lover in your life. There all different kinds and colors to choose from.

    Cute colorful stuffed animals.

    These cute cuddly creatures are perfect for hugging.

  • Really Cute Valentine's Day Mugs

    We really love how cute these mugs are. The different sayings are perfect for all kinds of individuals. We are a fan of the “Bee Mine” mug.

    Coffee mugs with Valentine's Day prints on them.

    These mugs are all unique with their own prints. The “Bee Mine” is our favorite.

  • Coffee Mugs With Lil Teddy Bears

    The perfect mug with a two-in-one present. It’s not only a mug but also a cute little teddy. This item is great for coffee and tea lovers.

    Coffee/tea mug with a heart on them and a teddy bear studded animal inside the mug.

    These coffee mugs feature two gifts in one. A cute coffee/tea mug and a lil teddy bear.

  • Adorable Heart-Shaped Top Jars

    These heart-shaped top jars were so sought after in 2023. They have new colors in purple and red. Get yours while you can.

    Purple and red heart-shaped jars.

    These glass jars are a bit smaller than their 2023 predecessors but still very cute.

  • Heart Shaped Gum Ball Machines

    These are tiny heart-shaped gum ball machines. You don’t have to add gum balls to them though. The tiny heart candies may work… (try at your own risk)

    Heart-shaped gum ball machines.

    These are cute for kids or teachers. Easy to fill candy in them.

  • Colorful Heart-Shaped Bowls

    We love these heart-shaped trays. These are great for light treats, candy and or work-supplies. Add some bright color to your desk or countertop.

    Heart-shaped bowls in pink, light red and dark red.

    These are easy to use for candy, dips and light snacks.

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