October 31 is only 63 days away leaving just enough time to get decorating. It has never been a better time to improve the functionality of your space with some themed décor. Have you gotten your Halloween decorations?

Decorating has been noted as a way of affecting mental health in a positive way. The science behind it may not be fully proven but the way color schemes and grids coordinate may have a lot to do with how someone controls their breathing habits. Certain colors may allows individuals to relax causing their breathing to become more controlled. Color therapy or chromotherapy is the idea that using color or colored light has an affect on physical and mental health.

A study called, “The Effects of Color on the Moods of College Students” written by Sevinc Kurt and Kelechi Kingsley Osueke, studied the psychological affects of colors on college students who used their student union complex. The results showed that students who entered the colored space were more calm and excited to be there compared to more neutral color painted space like their cafeteria. The neutral white walled space was looked at as boring and uninteresting. The students were more likely to remember a vivid memory from the complex. Using colors that create more positive emotion will better help the functionality of a room.

The 99 Cent Only Store may have decorations over the one dollar mark but don’t let that turn you away.

We know you were in Target‘s bullseye corner buying cheaper décor just the other day. And décor that is well priced over 99 cents. From haunted nut crackers— yes they’re not just for Christmas— fake rubber body parts, eyeball flowers, skeleton-hand plastic cups and Día de los Muertos wall art, there are décor items for all your spooky needs and desires. We hope you find Halloween decorations with colors that uplift your mood and space for this ghoulish holiday.

  • Spooky Nut Crackers

    Nut Crackers

  • Fake Rubber Body Parts Décor

    Rubber Body Parts

  • Boo Cups

    Boo Cups

  • Eyeball Flowers

    Eyeball Flowers

  • Outside Pumpkin Ghosts Statues

    Outdoor Pumpkin Statues

  • Skeleton Vibrant Color Cups

    Bright Skeleton Cups

  • Hanging Skeleton Ghosts

    Floating Ghosts

  • Fuzzy Boo Sign

    Fuzzy Boo

  • Red, Orange and Black Fuzzy Cats


  • Día de los Muertos And Hanging Skeletons

    Sign Decor

  • Skeleton Hand Tall Cup

    Skeleton-Hand Cups

  • Skeleton Wall Décor

    Skeleton Wall Decor

  • Skeleton Head Candy Bowl

    Skeleton Candy Head

  • Skeleton Hand Cups

    Skeleton-Hand Cups

  • Día de los Muertos Wall Art And Statues

    Día de los Muertos

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