Video games have been around since the early ’50s fore fronting early technology. This advanced software became revolutionary as it impacted millions of homes.

The origin story of video games dates back to 1952 with Cambridge professor, A.S. Douglas, who created what we know as Tic Tac Toe, according to We later learn of the sports video game, Tennis for Two, created by American physicist, William Higinbotham in 1958. The video game resembles playing Tennis where two players hit a ball over a net back and forth.

Fast forward to the late ’70s when at home gaming systems became a hot commodity. Britannica states that in 1977, Atari released a new and improved video gaming console called Atari 2600. This gaming system allowed customers to play different game cartridges in full color and sound. In the early ’80s, Atari released an improved version of the console called, Atari 5200. This system changed the directory of fun, convenience and luxury for video games.

The video game industry is worth over 90 billion dollars today. The evolution of video games have since migrated from their initial launch on computers. Video games are now easier to access than ever before. Customers can download games on their mobile cellular devices and travel with them wherever they go.

Companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are always trying to outdo one another to release the latest and coolest software. The most recent released console systems are as follows: Nintendo Switch – OLED from Nintendo, PlayStation 5 from Sony and Xbox Series X from Microsoft.

To celebrate video games in all their glory we thought we would find video game bars in Las Vegas that evoke nostalgia. From Mortal Combat, Frogger, Pac Man and even Mario, these video games will never go out of style. Some of the video game bars below are not suited for children as some of them serve alcohol. Go beat the high score of your favorite classic video game!

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