6th Annual Tacos And Tamales Festival; March 23-24 At Desert Breeze Park

6th Annual Tacos And Tamales Festival; March 23-24 At Desert Breeze Park

6th Annual Tacos And Tamales Festival; March 23-24 At Desert Breeze Park

This image shows the sampler from the tasty Los Colorines booth. They offered guests four different varieties for purchase.

Tacos and Tamales Festival is a cultural collection of authentic Mexican food, latin music and art installations. Thousands of locals from all over the valley trickled in to experience the 6th annual event for a weekend of fun. We teamed up with the Clark County Parks and Recreation to showcase local artists of all kinds. Despite the weather being gloomy a fiesta still took place. Listen, tequila really brings people out of their houses.

Tacos And Tamales Festival Expands Two-Days

The event expanded from previous years into a two-day festival and rightfully so. An event like this showcases houses multiple activities that need to be talked about. We want to highlight the best moments from the weekend, starting off with the signature “Art Battle” that took place over near the Findlay Kia Kid’s Zone. Eight spray paint artists took on the challenge to create masterpieces in hopes to be crowned ‘Clark County’s 2024 Most Talented Spray Paint Artist’.

Twelve different music acts performed including our very own Beasley’s Jammin’ 105.7’s DJ Thump who curated the best playlist for the entire weekend. Some of our favorite entertainment highlights included performance by The Skabrones and McCharmlys.

Food Vendors At Every Corner

Local 702 food vendors created seasoned dishes including the savory and colorful “Taquitos In A Cup” that were a massive hit from Los Colorines. The popularity of this booth also sold many of their famous elotes. Most ordered items included, quesadillas, tacos, empanadas, tamales, tortas and fries with every topping you could think of. The bars always had lines and sweet aguas frescas were seen at every corner of the grounds.

Tacos and Tamales Fest offers a safe place for families, friends and pets. We saw quite a few dogs which brought us great joy. We hope Tacos and Tamales Festival continues for years to come. Enjoy our gallery below of moments we don’t want to forget.

  • The Art Battle

    Eight contestants who turned into four contestants competed for the top title of best spray painter in Clark County. We are awaiting the judges scores to know who officially won but here are some shots of the final four. The final artisan had to battle an expert in the field in the “Boss” round.

    Each artist has a background in spray paint and a unique style. The final four contestants were Pae-Attn, Mglhrndz, Fuze_685 and 671.Kon. We wish the future winner all the accolades. We will update this listicle when receive the results.

    The photo shows an "Art Battle" of four spray paint artists.

  • Meet The McCharmlys

    Many bands graced the stage including Skabrones, Los Shadows, Mariachi Acero and one of our favorites, The McCharmlys. According to TheMcCharmlys.com, The Santa Ana, CA band consists of five members including Angie, Carlos, David, Eddie and Yari. The beachy sounding band just wrapped up a tour with the Surfrajettes who according to their website, https://www.thesurfrajettes.com, is a four member rock band from Ontario, Canada. The McCharmlys went on stage at 12:30 p.m. and despite the wind and rain did a fantastic job performing. Their sound and look is quite impressive.

    The McChramlys perform on stage at Tacos and Tamales Fest.

  • Los Colorines

    The Los Colorines booth at Tacos and Tamales Fest was continuously busy preparing fresh food. Lines of locals and tourists seeked out their “Taquitos In A Cup” which came in a variety of options. They offered “chicken”, “birria”, “potato” and the most requested, “sampler.” The cups came with the taquitos, guacamole, red sauce and topped with powdered cheese. They also offered different elotes including our favorites the “hot cheeto” and “rainbow.” The photos do not do it justice.

    Taquitos Sampler cup at Tacos and Tamales Fest




  • Lucha Libre Wrestling

    Lucha Libre Wrestling wow’d the crowds on the north side of the festival grounds with their stylish outfits and extreme moves. The matches consisted of tag-team with three-on-three luchadores and/or luchadores. Let us tell you, the more luchadores in the ring, the crazier the action became. Bobby Beaver, hosted the matches with loud exuberant energy. The energy from the crowd really made it exciting as we cheered for our favorite wrestlers. If you haven’t watched a match before, you need to!

    Two luchadores wrestle at Tacos and Tamales Fest.

  • Meeting You

    We love to have events but it’s because of listeners like you who come out that make them great. We enjoyed chatting over two days no matter the weather. We got to hook some of you up with station t-shirts. If we missed you, we hope to see you at another event soon!

    A cute family throwing up peace signs in front of the Tacos and Tamales sign.

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