Stepping into a hair salon is a chance to pamper yourself and leave with a fresh look. However, it’s not just about getting the perfect haircut. It’s also about your behavior as a customer. Interestingly, online communities like Reddit have become platforms where people share their observations about customer behavior at salons. While most of us aim to have a pleasant and satisfying time at the salon, there are certain unwritten rules that every customer should be aware of.

A trip to the hair salon comes with some common things to avoid and a few that might not be so obvious. For instance, showing up late without letting your stylist know. Sometimes you might run late due to unforeseen circumstances. Life happens, and sometimes you end up racing against the clock. But showing up fashionably late to your salon appointment without a heads-up is a no-go. It’s like jumping into a movie halfway and expecting to catch up. Be considerate of your stylist’s schedule and shoot them a quick text if you’re running late. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference.

Additionally, while seeking guidance from your stylist is encouraged, hovering and micro-managing their work can undermine their expertise and hinder the creative process. Your stylist is like your hair’s personal superhero, armed with scissors and magic potions. But hovering around them, constantly suggesting what to do, is like telling Batman how to fight badguys.

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to get absorbed in your phone. Excessive use of mobile phones can disturb the tranquil atmosphere of the salon and hinder effective communication between you and your stylist. Meanwhile, bringing unattended children can compromise safety and disrupt the salon’s workflow. Let’s not forget that hair salons deal with sharp tools, and chemicals, and require a good deal of focus.

However, the realm of hair salon etiquette extends beyond these familiar “don’ts.” There are a few sneaky things you might not have a clue about. Here are things you should never do at a hair salon.

  • Booking an appointment for something totally different

    This happens a lot more than people usually think. It’s like when clients schedule their appointments ahead for a simple service like a haircut, touch-up, or partial highlight. But when they show up, they’ve decided they want something more involved, like switching from a touch-up to a full highlight or going for a balayage which takes way more time. The stylist might not have enough time that day to pull off a whole new hairstyle. “I am always excited to change it up, but when I have only scheduled a 30 minute color touch up and a client is requesting a balayage which takes about an hour or more, there just isn’t enough time!” wrote the Beauty and The Blonde blogger.

    Puzzled young hairstylist inspecting hair of teen girl before haircut in hair salon

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  • Neglecting your personal hygiene

    Angry female client in beauty salon. Blonde young woman screaming at hairdresser. Badly hairstyle in hairdresser salon

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    Imagine: a client walks into a hair salon, but there’s this whole hygiene situation going on. Strong odors that you just can’t ignore. The stylists are trying to work their magic, but it’s hard to focus when there’s a funky smell in the air. You want everyone to feel good about being there, right? You don’t want to be the one disrupting the vibe of the hair salon due to your stench. “So I get this one guy who is in sweats and looks like he hasn’t showered in a good two weeks,” a stylist tells Oola, a lifestyle magazine. “He sits down and I could INSTANTLY smell him. It was putrid.” The stylist completed the style but was had to completely sanitize their station due to their client.

  • Bringing an unrealistic inspo photo

    Client waiting for developer change hair color reading online news

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    Encountering clients with far-fetched hair expectations and inspiration photos that are miles apart from their own hair reality is quite a challenge. While it’s great that they’re bringing ideas to the table, sometimes those ideas need a reality check. Certain hairstyles and trends are a journey, not a quick pit stop. It’s like expecting to go from zero to hero in a single leap. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, some hair goals require a process to achieve that jaw-dropping outcome they’re aiming for. “Clients [come in] with extremely dark hair [and] expect it platinum blonde or a fashionable pastel color because they’ve seen some video on YouTube or some backstreet salon did it to their friend,” Hannah Jafferji, a hairdresser tells INSIDER. “It’s not possible in one day, and if your stylist has integrity they would explain why it’s not possible.”

  • Negative gossiping

    Hairstylist combs client's light-brown with blonde hair. Creating a luxurious evening hairstyle with pain. Dissatisfied customer unhaooy face

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    Hair salons have always been a hub for good-natured gossip among pals and even random friendly faces. Well, it’s all fun when you’re swapping funny stories or venting a bit to your stylist, but let’s not take it to the level of turning a haircut into a full-on complain-a-thon. Seriously, who knows who might be eavesdropping? It’s also not a good look to trash-talk other salon employees, whether it’s the front desk superstar or a stylist you’ve had in the past. “It is not your responsibility to entertain the person doing your hair,” Kristina Maccaro, colorist and salon owner tells Reader’s Digest. Besides being a bad gossip could get you mentioned on a Reddit thread.

  • Rushing your stylist

    If there’s a salon no-no, it’s hurrying your stylist. These pros are all about giving you top-notch service. You’re a living showcase of their skills, and sometimes nailing that perfect look takes a bit more TLC or time. If you have a tight schedule post-salon, just give your stylist a heads-up. That way, they can adjust things as needed to fit the clock. Also, when you book, ask how long your treatments will potentially be, that way you have ample time in your day.

    female client in hairdresser shop uncertain about cutting hair and biting lips

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