Munchies and this day go together like Cheech and Chong. When you have one, it makes the other one even better.

As this day is dedicated to the herb that some people partake in, we can’t help but highlight some local eateries that may leave your mouth watering.

In Vegas, we’re lucky to have a plethora of options to fulfil our highly motivated hunger.

But, today is simply not about fine dining. It’s about satisfying our cotton-mouth cravings that only delectable, quick junk food can truly do.

And let’s face it: it’s a widely known occurrence that cannabis makes people hungry.

But, if you’ve ever wondered why individuals tend to be starving after a “session,” well you’re not alone with this question. For year, many scientists and researchers didn’t know the exact “reason” for this phenomenon.

This was the case until scientists dived more into this topic in the last 10 years.

According to a study in the scientific journal Nature, researchers found that specific nerve cells play a key roll in this sensation.

There are neurons that normally turn off hunger signals to your brain. However, when these neurons responded to marijuana within the body’s system, they ended up releasing a hunger hormone that intensely promotes appetite. Other research also indicates that THC may interact with taste receptors, making food taste sweeter as a result.

So it’s truly safe to say that munchies are scientific. And maybe you’re hungry after reading about all of this. To help satisfy any craving, we’ve decided to help and provide a list of must-hit munchie spots in the Vegas area.

From desserts, all-you-can-eat options and other establishments who promote today’s holiday, these are fun, quick and great food options that are good for the soul. You’ll definitely want to roll up to these eateries during this “holiday.”

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