Stressful Christmas

There are lots of reasons why we might get stuck scrambling for a last minute Christmas gift. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still give something special.

So it’s right before Christmas and you desperately need a last minute gift. You’ve reached the point where even Amazon can’t save you now. Maybe they just informed you that your delivery is running late and they won’t make it in time for your loved one to unwrap the gift under the tree. Perhaps someone waited until the very last minute to let you know that they will be coming to your house for the holidays after all. Or maybe you just flat out forgot about someone on your Christmas list.

It happens. Fortunately for anyone in this situation, we live in the digital age. Which means there are lots of ways to dig ourselves out of a hole that we may have fallen into. And with a little bit of cleverness, your gift recipient never even has to know that you ever dropped the Christmas ball.

Your first move is to figure out what your intended gift recipient is into. Do they have animals? Have you heard them talk about sports? Maybe they just showed you pictures of their camping trip. Have you noticed that their car is always clean or that they constantly check their appearance in your entry way mirror? These are important details that could lead you to an awesome last minute gift.

And once you have an inkling of the person’s interests, all you have left to do is spend a little time on your computer (or wandering around your house or the one drug store that’s still open), and you’re golden. Here are seven ideas that not only can bail you out of the Christmas dog house. But that might just win you the Gift Giver of the Year award.

  • 1. Tickets


    Air Tickets inside gift box. 3D rendering isolated on white background

    Tickets In A Gift Box

    Who doesn’t love to go to a concert or sporting event? Get yourself on Ticketmaster or other ticket-selling website and just go crazy. Get the music-lover tickets to a show nearby. You can even buy airplane tickets to a weekend away somewhere. Use your imagination and get hopping on the ticket shopping.

  • 2. Groupon

    Happy mother reading card from daughter

    Happy Mother On Christmas

    When it comes to last minute gifts, consider Groupon your BFF. For the person who prefers experiences over things, this is a winner. Horseback riding, spa treatments, dining out, hot air balloon rides…you can find a ton of ideas on and print the gift out on your computer. Just make sure you put it in a Christmas card to make it look nice.

  • 3. The Re-Gift Gift

    high-angle view of a tablet with the word regifting in its screen, connected to a gift by a cable, and a cup of coffee, placed on a dark gray table


    In case you missed it, regifting is actually a thing now. I have a section in my linen closet for just this kind of occasion. It’s got all kinds of bath products and candles that I can regift at a moment’s notice. If you don’t have that, you are allowed to find something that’s in good condition around your house and give it to someone else. This works really well with jewelry or electronics. Because your mom isn’t going to be all that mad when you regift her your old iPhone that still costs as much as her first house did.

  • 4. Personalized Basket

    Refined Christmas gift basket for culinary enthusiats with bottle of wine and mulled wine ingredients. Corporate hamper or personal present for cooking lovers, foodies and gourmands.

    Christmas Git Box

    This one is a really cool way to give a gift that makes the recipient feel really seen. Grab candy, wine, coffee or trinkets that you know someone will like. Throw in the wine glasses or cute coffee mugs. Buy a nice wicker basket and put the stuff in that instead of a bag. Make it part of the gift. It will be a hit with the person getting it.

  • 5. Monthly Subscription

    Beauty Subscription Box. Open Gift Box With Natural Cosmetic Products Inside

    Beauty Subscription Box

    These are actually really cool. And there are endless options for this gift. If you have a kiddo on the list, get a craft box subscription. We get them from KiwiCo and they’re amazing. There are also craft boxes for the adult crafter in your life. Try a Disney+, Hulu, Netflix or other streaming service subscription for the TV lover on your list. Have someone who wants to learn a new skill? Masterclass subscriptions will get you big points with that person. Readers will love an Audible subscription. Or Blue Apron for the chef in your life. Seriously, the options are endless.

  • 6. Personalized Gift Card

    All images on the gift cards are copyright of myself and available separately if needed.

    Gift Cards

    Gift cards are the best. You can get out of a lot of trouble with these bad boys. Even if the stores are already closed, you can print gift certificates from an online order. Here’s how to make it personalized: put it in a card with a message about WHY you chose that specific gift card. Make sure the recipient knows that you know something about them that made you sure they would love this specific card. That goes a long way.

  • 7. Photo Of The Gift

    Desktop of woman hands in red sweater holding blank paper and envelope . Flat lay of gray background with cup of coffee and Christmas decoration. Top view mock up and copy space for text.

    Christmas Card Giving

    If all else fails, you can print out a picture of the gift you are getting for someone and put it in a card. HEAR ME OUT! There is a stipulation…this has to be a gift worth waiting for. I mean a gift so awesome that the recipient doesn’t mind that it’s not there in time for Christmas. Like a car…or a house.

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