The Las Vegas heat has slapped all of us this past weekend.

As locals, we should be acclimated to the scorching and sizzling heat. However when a heat dome covers Las Vegas like a blanket of death, it truly feels like hell on Earth.

No matter how many times you experience triple-digit temperatures, anything over 110 degrees feels horrible. A brisk walk from a store into your car can feel like a marathon. And although people say “it’s a dry heat,” it’s still hot.

In fact, the temperature has been so scorching that it almost broke a record. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, this past weekend almost beat the 10-day record for consecutive temperatures at 110 degrees and over, and this record happened in 1962.

Dangerous Heat

Being in this heat can truly be exhausting and also dangerous. Along with nearly record-breaking temperatures, being in this heat for too long is actually dangerous.

A reporter interviewed a 71-year-old man last week while he was hiking in Death Valley National Park. A few hours later, he was found dead, and officials believe his death is heat-related. Temperatures that day reached over 120 degrees. According to People, the reporter asked the man why he was hiking, which he answered, “Why not?”

Along with that horrible case, at least 16 people in Clark County have died from heat-related illnesses, according to a report by KTNV. So, the heat is no joke. In fact, it’s deadly.

Plan A Quick Getaway To Escape The Hellish Heat

What’s a better way to escape the heat than planning a quick getaway? Now, we can always hit the nice resorts and lavish pools. But, the temperature outside is still boiling. So lucky for us Las Vegans, we can escape the heat by driving a few hours West or by hopping on a quick plane ride.

Enjoy the cool coastal California towns, take a day trip to the beautiful beaches and more! Scroll down below for some quick getaways that’ll allow you to relax and cool off from the Las Vegas heat.

  • Laguna Beach, California

    Laguna Beach is the perfect getaway to cool down and enjoy some beautiful beaches. There is a scattering of other beaches that are smaller and calming. The drive from Vegas to Laguna Beach is about four-to-five hours depending on traffic. The temperatures are much cooler in Laguna Beach, and it’s the perfect spot for families, couples or even solo trips.

  • North Cascades National Park - Washington

    The North Cascades National Park stays cool and crisp even during the hot summer months.  The west side of the mountain is cooler and wetter than the east side due to the west being in the rain shadow part of the mountain, according to the U.S. National Parks’ website. The temperatures touch around the mid 60s with a lot of rain, according to the National Weather Service.

  • Santa Catalina Island - Los Angeles County

    Santa Catalina Island is a beautiful place with great beaches and sunsets that melt your soul. The island also has “eco Jeeps” and other fun activities that can make you feel like you’re in paradise. It takes one hour to get to Catalina Island from Long Beach, San Pedro, Dana Point and Newport Beach from a high-speed ferry boat. It’s a gem that is the perfect place for Las Vegans to escape the heat while enjoying some island vibes.

  • San Francisco

    Take a quick plane ride to San Francisco! The travel time is about 1 hour and 45 minutes for a non-stop flight, and there are a plethora of travel deals and promotions from airlines that can make a plane ticket pretty affordable. The weather is cool with the current seven-day forecast predicting highs in the 60s. There are tons of things to do, so many places to eat and many things to enjoy while exploring San Francisco. The culture is vibrant, and you’ll truly get a break from the heat when you visit San Francisco.

  • San Diego

    San Diego is also a great city to visit if you’re trying to escape Las Vegas. The slower-paced nature of San Diego will give you a break from the hustle and bustle of Vegas. Plus, it’s cooler in San Diego. There are beaches, a good amount of nightlife and great food. You can drive there, or take a plane ride (which is about 1 hour).

  • Ensenada, Mexico

    Maybe you’re feeling like traveling internationally for a quick weekend trip. Ensenada is about an hour plane ride and a six hour drive from Las Vegas. From beautiful beaches, amazing food and great hospitality, Ensenada is another hot-spot in Baja California, Mexico that offers great nightlife. If you want a mixture of tropical oasis with a little “Vegas-style” partying then Ensenada is the perfect place to escape to.

  • La Paz, Mexico

    La Paz, Mexico is another beautiful destination in Mexico. The beaches will leave you breathless, it’s a fishing heaven and it’s simply serenity. You have to fly into Los Cabos and then drive to La Paz.

  • Channel Islands National Park

    The Channel Islands National Park is comprised of five islands off the coast of Santa Barbara. All of these islands are beautiful with a Mediterranean climate year-round. It’s a relaxing trip that you can take for the weekend. But according to the National Parks website, “Visitors to the islands must be prepared for high winds, fog, rough seas, and sea spray at any time.” And this can be a nice break from the scorching, stressful desert heat. Temperatures are usually in the mid-70s, which is perfect for a island getaway.

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