Many of us have the tradition of making a big holiday dinner at home on Christmas. But sometimes, we just want someone else to do the cooking. Not to mention the clean-up that’s required after! All those pots and pans… That oven that has to be cleared of whatever dripped onto the bottom that’s sure to create a smoke hazard next time you turn it on… the sink full of dishes when you just want to nap. Nobody needs that headache.

Plus, travel is getting messed up all over the place due to one illness or another. So maybe you aren’t even getting those house guests. If you aren’t having people over this year, all that effort to cook might not be worth it. And no company doesn’t mean you need to chow down on ham sandwiches or other small bites. Fortunately for us, Las Vegas is rife with places to dine out. And many of them are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Of course, our strip casinos never shut down, so you could always mosey on over to one of those to find a bite. But perhaps you’d like something off the strip. We’ve put together a list of off-strip places that you can eat at on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And if you have someone coming in from out of town, this might be a nice change of pace to that party you’ve gotten tired of hosting.

This list, which is in no way showing the ONLY places open in Las Vegas on Christmas, comes courtesy of Eater Las Vegas. There are dinners on the list, brunches and more. There are options for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Don’t forget to make reservations early! And whether you’re dining out or staying home, Happy Holidays! Wendy Rush