A funny business woman pulls an April Fools' Day prank with a coworker with paper sign on his back. There are lots of ways to pull pranks on the first day of April that will get a lot of laughs.

Once again April is upon us, and that means April Fools Day! It’s the day all closet jokesters and secret pranksters alike look forward to. The one day they can pull off their tasteless jokes without backlash. It’s a day everyone either loves or hates. But also a day not many know why we even celebrate.

The April Fools Day Origin Story

The truth is that nobody really knows for sure what the origin of April Fools’ Day is. Although there are some historians who have a theory about it. Particularly one that pertains to the French calendar in the 16th century.

If you’re less of a reader and more of a watcher, this video sums up the following explanation about the origin of April Fools pretty nicely.

According to history.com, the holiday may date back as far as to the year 1582. That was when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian one. The Julian calendar starts the year off on April 1st, which is what many French people were used to.

The Gregorian calendar, however, moved the first day of the year to January 1st. But there were some people in France who didn’t get the memo about the change of New Year’s Day. Those who lived under a rock (or more literally, stone), or way out in the French countryside would have no way of knowing the calendar had changed.

Even those who did live close to people but were not tapped in to the social scene didn’t find out about the change right away. These are the poor fools who were the target of many a prank on April 1st.

The people who didn’t realize the first day of the new year had changed were still celebrating the last day of March like it was New Year’s Eve. Which means they were still setting off whatever the 16th century version of fireworks were. Or throwing parties and making feasts and drunkenly yelling “Happy New Year” to people on what was, at this point, a totally non-significant day.

Of course for those in the know, these people looked like idiots. They were the perfect subjects for endless jokes at their expense. And those unwilling victims were the first in a long line of people who have endured April Fools pranks to this day.

There are other origin stories, but that one is the best one. Whatever the actual reason is for April Fools Day, it’s here. And I encourage everyone to get in on the fun with some harmless pranks to celebrate the day. Emphasis on “harmless”, though. Try not to blow up anyone’s house.

I, for one, am excited about April Fools Day. I’m not the prankster I used to be, but I still like to do a little something for fun. When I was younger, though, I was like this girl on the night before April Fools, just because I was plotting what to do to my six siblings.

Devious cunning young woman with dark hair clasping hands and smirking mysteriously, scheming cheats, evil prank, wearing casual style jacket. Indoor studio shot isolated on gray background.

A devious young girl is clasping her hands plotting her next prank. She is very excited about April Fools Day (photo by Khosrork via Getty Images).

Here are a few ideas for pranks you can pull off that will slightly annoy your target, but probably won’t compromise your whole relationship. Have fun!

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  • 7 April Fools Day Prank That Are Hilarious

  • The Potato Sundae Prank

    Two scoops of vanilla ice cream are in a waffle bowl covered in whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and a cherry. The bowl is sitting on a bright pink tabletop covered with rainbow confetti.

    This ice cream sundae looks delicious. And it would be, if it was actually ice cream. Mashed potatoes? Not so much.

    I did this one to my brother when we were young and he still talks about it. Make mashed potatoes without a lot of butter (it turns them too yellow). Scoop it with an ice cream scooper either into a bowl or on a cone.

    Then add sprinkles, caramel or chocolate sauce. You can even throw in some banana slices and a cherry. Dress it up to look like an ice cream sundae and then watch your victim’s face when they take a bite. This also works with a scoop of whipped butter.

  • The Salty Coffee Prank

    A man in a gray shirt is laughing so hard that he's spitting his coffee out.

    A man in a gray t-shirt is spitting his coffee out into his hand. Salt in the coffee is not good (photo by AHPhotoswpg via Getty Images).

    This one might get you beaten up. Especially if it’s your target’s first cup of the day. Switch out their sugar for salt (or put salt in their liquid creamer) and…run. Seriously. This prank is harmless for them, but might not be for you.

    If you are more of a planner, take about a week or so before the main event to switch the coffee out to decaf. Then on prank day, switch to espresso. You’re welcome.

  • The Shopping Spree Prank

    Cardboard parcels boxes delivered outside the door. Parcels on the door mat and open entrance door.

    While this might look like the best day ever to some people, it can be a serious prank to the person who has to pay the bill (photo by Sashkinw via Getty Images).

    This one might require a little bit of forethought. Unless you’re like me and already have empty boxes stacked in your garage. Save up your Amazon boxes until you have at least seven or eight of them.

    Then on April 1st, put them all on the porch and watch your significant other freak out about how much money you spent.

  • The Chicken Shower Prank

    Young brunette woman is in a shower with soap all over her face. Her eyes are closed and she is holding the shower head to her face.

    This woman has a face full of soap. But, if you do your April Fools Day Prank properly, she’ll also have a nose full of bouillon (photo by Robert Pavsic via Getty Images).

    This one cracks me up. It’s harmless but what we like to call a “slow burn”. Of course, unless you’re intimate with this person, you probably won’t see the results. But you can hear them, if the person talks to themselves.

    Unscrew the showerhead in their bathroom and add a bouillon cube. Then listen as they slowly process the fact that their shower tastes like chicken.

  • The Grilled Cardboard Sandwich Prank

    Half of a cut grilled cheese sandwich is stacked on the other half on a wooden board. The cheese is dripping out of the bread.

    A grilled cheese sandwich is one of the best things on the planet. So putting cardboard in the middle would really tick someone off (photo by msheldrake via Getty Images).

    This is another one I used to pull off on my siblings. Offer to make your victim a grilled cheese sandwich. Slip a piece of cardboard between the bread before you throw it in the pan. And watch their face when they bite down. Tasty.

  • The Toothpaste Oreo Prank

    The set up for a classic April Fool’s prank: switching mint Oreo filling with mint toothpaste. A humorous gag for a light-hearted, silly, slightly sticky April Fool’s.

    The set up for a classic April Fool’s prank: switching mint Oreo filling with mint toothpaste. A humorous gag for a light-hearted, silly, slightly sticky April Fools (photo by Anna Dorothea Hudson via Getty Images).

    If you have a cookie lover in your life, this prank will get them good on April 1st. Take the cream out of a package of Oreo cookies and replace it with toothpaste. Choose a white paste with no specs and use a knife to smooth out the edges. Serve them on a plate with a glass of milk and get your camera ready.

  • The Cream Cheese Deodorant Prank

    Close up of a woman in a white towel putting deodorant under her arm in front of a mirror.

    Putting on deodorant usually feels nice and smooth and dry. But when it’s cream cheese instead of deodorant, it’s not so great (photo by Fizkes via Getty Images)

    This prank only works if you have a friend who isn’t super detail-oriented. Those who are would probably catch it before it gets to their underarm. Roll your victim’s deodorant down as far as it will go. Then fill it with cream cheese. Make sure you shape the cheese on the top to look like the deodorant. Then wait for sweet deliverance.

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