Pools in Las Vegas go together like peanut butter and jelly. But, what happens when you add another layer of Las Vegas quirk to the equation? Well, you get topless pools.

Yes. You read that right. There are, in fact, topless pools in Las Vegas that allow women to shed their bikini tops and avoid those tan lines!

The concept is also referred to European-style pools, which gives homage to the continent that has traditionally been more liberal when it comes to nudity and swimming.

According to USA Today, the “Free Body Culture” movement (or FKK movement) roots to German sociologist Heinrich Pudor. He essentially helped to pioneer the naturism movement throughout Europe, which is the start of the “nudist” movement. Along with other ancient cultures and different philiopshies that would rise in fall in popularity, the nudity movement eventually would present itself across the world.

However, the idea of top-tional beaches didn’t gain traction until the “Free Beach” movement in the 1960s — which it may be important to note that 1967 was the Summer of Love, USA Today reports.

Eventually, the nudist movement spread to different communities across the country with special events dedicated to celebrating and de-stigmatizing the human body.

In Las Vegas, many pools tried to throw “top-tional” parties in the hey-day of Las Vegas indulgence. However, it seems that the number of topless pools has dwindled. This number especially seemed to decrease once Las Vegas geared the resorts more for families. Certain pools like Bare Pool Lounge in The Mirage and Venus Pool Lounge in Caesars Palace have changed their topless policies to now require tops.

Along with that, topless pools were more popular prior to everyone having a camera glued to their hands. Possibly, the fact that most people have a cell phone detracts the allure of enjoying oneself from the shackles of a bikini top. So, maybe people rather suffer with the tan lines than risk being unsuspectingly captured by a cell phone. Despite the decrease in topless pools, there are still a few that stand strong. You can still find top-tional pools in Las Vegas with many coining the term “European-style pools.”

Scroll down below to see what resorts, properties and more are topless pools in Las Vegas!

  • Moorea Beach Club

    Located at Mandalay Bay Casino Resort, Moorea Beach Club is a “topless oasis,” according to the pool’s website. It’s one of the last on-The-Strip properties to still have a topless option. You can rent a cabana, daybed, a pavilion or a high bed. You can also rent an entire villa for yourself as well. It’s definitely a more relaxing vibe compared to the Daylight Beach Club, which is more geared toward party-goers.

  • Sapphire Gentlemen's Club Day Parties

    A strip club with a day party pool — it doesn’t get more Las Vegas than that. This pool is top-tional, which is fitting for the club’s theme. Along with the fun energy of the club, Sapphire constantly has fun DJs and other guest hosts that will ensure a lively environment. Many people who attend Sapphire’s day club says it’s a great time. Compared to the other topless pools in the city, this one is definitely more of a “party vibe.”

    Sapphire Pool

    Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club also has a day party pool.

  • The Lexi Hotel

    The Lexi’s euro-style pool conjures a feeling of serenity and relaxation.  The top-optional policy makes The Lexi’s pool a “liberating experience that is a refreshing departure from the crowded mega-resort pools and day clubs,” the website states. From the luxury cabanas to the hors d’oeuvre and cocktails, the Lexi’s pool is stunning. Plus, it’s one of the newest and revamped hotels in Las Vegas, so it’ll be nice to experience a property that’s different in ambience and newer in comparison to the other Las Vegas properties. 


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