It’s National French Fry Day on Wednesday! Crispy on the outside, mealy on the inside and fried to golden perfection.

French fries satisfy every facet of a junk food craving. Plus, it’s the quintessential summer-time food because its available in every medium.

From being packed in buckets, loaded with toppings or served as a companion to other food, fries make everything better,

Personally, some of our favorite French fry variations include carne asada fries, “animal-style” fries, kimchi fries and French fries seasoned with furikake (a Japanese seasoning) and wasabi mayo!

The French fry has evolved in presentation and intent, which seemingly reflects the changes in our culture. As we’ve progressed in time, so has the variations of the French fry.

However, the story behind how and when the French fry was created is murky at best.

“The fry is a daughter of street cooking,” culinary historian Madeleine Ferrière told Le Monde. “That’s why it’s so hard to establish its birth certificate.”

The history behind the French fry remains uncertain because, “it’s hard to know whether written references to fried potatoes refer to deep-fried lengths of potato, or rather to rounds sautéed in a pan with butter,” an article by the British Broadcast Channel states.

But in the 20th century, French fries appeared in writing in a Belgian guide called “The Traité d’économie domestique et d’hygiène (Treatise on Domestic Economy and Hygiene),” according to the BBC.

This was one of the first written records of French fries being mentioned. And although the origin of the French fry is disputed, we’re just thankful that this delectable cuisine exists.

From being the perfect comfort food to also being the perfect pairing to luxurious steaks and more, we’re writing this article as an ode to the lovely French fry.

Here are some places for the BEST French fries in Las Vegas. Many of our listeners recommended these spots to us, so sit back and enjoy.

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