There are lots of ways to top a New York style pizza. Just make sure you have that thin crust and long piece of pie that you can fold in half and eat on the go.

When it comes to good pizza in Vegas, locals have their choice of different eateries that serve all manner of pizza styles. But when it comes specifically to the best New York pizza in Vegas, you can’t just ask the locals. You have to ask the locals from New York. And that’s just what we did.

Asking Locals Where The Best New York Pizza In Vegas Is

We recently turned to our favorite Las Vegas locals app, Nextdoor, to see which restaurant our neighbors thought serve the best New York pizza in Vegas. And boy did we get some tasty insight. Some pizza places had unanimous votes from multiple patrons. Others were mentioned by just one person, but with the promise it really is the best New York pizza in Vegas. And these suggestions coming from people in Vegas who come from the Big Apple.

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Before we get into the list, let’s just mention why the type of pizza you’re looking for matters. And what people say is superior about New York style. According to, you can spot a New York pizza about a mile away. You’ll know it by the huge crust that’s thin and cut into slices about a foot long.

A man in a black beanie and dark sunglasses is eating a folded piece of pizza. He has a black shirt on and long, white beard as he stands outside on a city street.
This guy knows the right way to eat a piece of New York pizza. He’s folding it in half. There’s no other way to eat Brooklyn-style pizza, especially in front of a New Yorker!

The New York pizza is the one you’ll see people folding in half and eating like a taco. An easy thing to do with how big and thin the slices are. Some people who prefer thicker crusts or their pie cut into square pieces will say their pizza is superior to the New York style. But there’s at least one thing you have to admit when it comes to pizza from the Big Apple. It’s a great conversation piece. In fact, those large crusts are meant to bring people together to eat and mingle.

5 Places Locals Go For The Best New York Pizza In Vegas

You can’t argue with food that brings people together. And pretty much any pizza is going to do that because it’s just the ultimate “comfort with friends” food. But if you’re specifically looking for the best New York pizza in Vegas, here are the places locals from the East Coast swear by.

Disclaimer: Vegas locals know there are way too many New York pizza places in town to narrow it down to just five. These are just five places you can try when you’re craving that style, where you won’t be disappointed.

  • 1. Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar

    One New York neighbor said this is the absolute best place in Vegas for New York style pizza. In fact, he said eating at Dom DeMarco’s in Vegas is just like being in a pizzeria on the East Coast. Hard to beat that! But we can beat it, because these guys also scored the Gold in “Best of Las Vegas” 2023.

    Dom Demarco’s is located at 9785 West Charleston Blvd in the Lakes in Summerlin. They offer online ordering, catering and a happy hour. 

    Home Page - Dom DeMarco's

    At Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria & Wine Bar, Enjoy Our Famous Brooklyn Pizza, Right Here In Las Vegas. Come Taste The Quality For Yourself.

  • 2. Anna Marie’s Italian Cuisine

    If you want a true New York pizza from a New Yorker, check out Anna Marie’s. The owner is from Brooklyn. As the name says, they serve more than just pizza. They have a variety of Italian dishes made Neapolitan-style. Keep in mind locals say it’s not the cheapest place, but they also say it’s worth the price.

    Anna Marie’s offers online ordering, catering, a happy hour, Vegan menu and gluten-free pizza options. They are located at 10170 West Tropicana Avenue on the corner at Hualapai. They’re closed Mondays and open late (til 9 p.m. on school nights and 10 p.m. weekends) the rest of the week.

    Anna Marie's Italian Cuisine

    Anna Marie's Italian Cuisine Italian Cuisine is a family restaurant using only the finest ingredients. Dine-in, take-out or catering.

  • 3. Carmine’s Pizza Kitchen

    Locals seem pretty unanimous about how good this place is for Brooklyn-style pizza. They say it’s foldable and that the cheese is the right texture, which is something New Yorkers are picky about when it comes to their pie.  Carmine’s fans say this pie is true New York pizza.

    Not to be confused with the Carmine’s in the Forum Shoppes, Carmine’s Pizza Kitchen is located at Fort Apache and Sunset. They also have locations on Horizon Ridge, American Pacific and Raiders Way. Stop by during lunch and try their pizza by the slice!


    Sign up for our e-list and get $5.00 off your online order! After you sign up, check your email for your $5.00 off offer. You Can Now Order Online! American Pacific Raiders Way Horizon & Carnegie Fort Apache

  • 4. Brooklyn’s Best

    Here’s another place that locals from New York say feel like home. Brooklyn’s Best is owned by a guy actually from Brooklyn (if you heard his accent, you’d have no doubt) who is committed to making some seriously tasty food. Another “Best of Las Vegas” winner, these guys do more than just pizza. You can also get pasta, salads, wings, sandwiches and more. 

    Brooklyn’s Best has two locations in Vegas. One on Tropicana and Fort Apache and another at Charleston and Industrial Road. 

    Brooklyn's Best Pizza & Pasta - Las Vegas, NV

    From a very young age, Joey Gonzalez started making pizza with his brothers, Louie, Ronnie, and Roger as he got older it grew into a passion. Working at many pizzerias, he saw firsthand just how deceptive and careless these owners had been. He noticed both the lack of their presence and quality in their establishment.


  • 5. Good Pie

    If you’re in the Arts District in Downtown Vegas, you have to stop by Good Pie. It’s a Brooklyn-style pizza shop that was founded by award-winning pizzaiolo Vincent Rotolo. They specialize in Grandma’s Pizza and honor old New York traditions when it comes to their food. But these guys are also open to visitors, as they have a Detroit-style option on their menu as well. Gluten-free or Vegan? They’ve got options for you too.

    Good Pie is located at 1212 South Main Street in the Arts District. Open seven days a week at 11 a.m.

    Good Pie

    Award winning Brooklyn style pizza spot offering authentic GRANDMA, BROOKLYN, & DETROIT PIZZA. Coming Soon to 1212 Main Street in the Arts District.

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