Back in August, we knew something was going on. Parts of the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown were shut down for a shoot of some sort. Then we started to get a hint based on videos leaking on social media. Professional rally driver Ken Block was ripping all over the area for a new video. Now, we are getting a look at the final product!

The new video features Block traversing the Strip and elsewhere, doing drifts and reaching speeds so ludicrous that you and I would surely lose our license. The Strip is just the start. From the Garage Mahal at Circa Las Vegas, to at and even inside the Palms, the nine minute video is a high octane thrill ride.

Hooning? What’s that?

Ken Block is an expert in “hooning,” a type of driving that hits high speeds and crazy drifts in tight spots. These videos are super orchestrated on closed courses, unlike the 19 year old with the beater Honda from down the street. Hence the name “Hoonigan,” the lifestyle company emblazoned on the car’s bumper and famous for high-energy motorsports.

The car for this video was a one-off, custom “Hoonitron” developed by Audi specifically for this video. The planning for the production goes back to early 2021!

By the time taping arrived, they were shocked they had Las Vegas as a playground. “Vegas is such a unique place, it’s literally pulsing with energy at night, and that’s what we wanted to capture by going there, “says Electrikhana Director Brian Scotto. “It’s still shocking to me the level of access we pulled off. We locked down The Strip for HOURS. I haven’t had that ‘Can’t believe they are gonna let us do this’ feeling since Gymkhana FIVE in San Francisco.”

If you’ve never seen a Gymkhana video before Las Vegas, scroll down and prepare to lift your jaw off the floor.

  • Gymkhana Practice

    Where it all started, introducing the world to the insanity.

  • Gymkhana Two: The Informercial

    Part two has Ken whipping his car around the Port Of Los Angeles. This was still the early days of the production.

  • Gymkhana Three: France

    Whipping around a French race track, and Segway riding friends, this video shredded through tires.

  • Gymkhana Four: Hollywood

    This one is outrageous. Ken burns rubber throughout Universal Studios Hollywood in a blockbuster of a video.

  • Gymkhana Five: San Francisco

    This is the first “takeover” of a city. Ken hoons his way up and down the hills of San Francisco and gets serious airtime while doing it.

  • Gymkhana Six: Ultimate Gymkhana Grid

    This is a limited course but it is TIGHT. Ken shows what he’s capable of when he’s boxed in.

  • Gymkhana Seven: Los Angeles

    Back to taking over major metropolitan areas. This time, Ken hits the mean streets of LA.

  • Gymkhana Eight: Dubai

    Why take over American cities when you can take over THE WORLD. Ken takes on the middle east metropolis of Dubai.

  • Gymkhana Nine: Buffalo

    Back in the states and up to no good. Ken takes on an industrial area around Buffalo, New York.

  • Gymkhana Ten: Tire Slaying Tour

    Five locations: Sweden, Detroit (Motor City), Mexico, Los Angeles and Texas. This 19 minute epic is the longest of the bunch and has something for everyone.

  • BONUS! Climbkhana

    While not part of the “Gymkhana” series, imagine Gymkhana with really steep falls. That’s this.