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It’s no surprise that Davante Adams is feeling some kind of way due to the lack of success the Raiders are having. Raider fans are beyond disappointed. There has been a Raider Nation Wide Boycott on Tailgating. The fact that the Raiders are not committed to excellence and “Just Win Baby Win” is  more a Cliché’ and less of a mantra is embarrassing.

Davante Adams won’t say it but he has to be rethinking his decision to force a trade to the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason. Not only is he losing more games than he’s used to, but his stats are also subpar. The reunion of Derek Carr and Adams was expected to light the NFL on fire but they don’t even look like a top-10 wide receiver-quarterback duo right now.

Adams hasn’t done a great job of hiding his frustrations this season. He shoved a cameraman after the Raiders’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and he hasn’t minced words in interviews. The five time Pro Bowler gets as much attention from defenses as any player in the league. He’s consistently double teamed and that was the case when he was with the Green Bay Packers  That never stopped him from putting up big numbers there but it’s slowed him down in Las Vegas. Without directly calling out the Raiders and Carr, he made some eye opening comments about his role in the offense this week.

The Raiders gave up a first and second-round pick to trade for Adams in the offseason. They then handed him a $140 million contract. He’s one of the two highest paid players on the team. He should be much more involved considering how much the Raiders gave up to get him. He knows that and does think he should be getting more chances to make plays.

Regardless, no matter who’s the blame, The Raiders as a whole are doing beyond poor. The worst record in the franchise history. Check out what football fans are saying on social media.


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