Thump In The Morning

Thump In The Morning

Disneyland Resort is no longer the happiest place on earth for kids, I have found myself having just as much fun, if not more, as an adult. And what’s better than having memories of all that fun by taking home some memorable Disneyland merchandise.

There’s just something about that Disney merch sold at the Parks that speaks to us. We are so impressed with the wide selection from plush dolls, magnets, Christmas ornaments, t-shirts, and of course, those Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears. Each of the items just begs to be brought home and to be worn or put on proud display.

What is it about Disney merchandise that speaks to us, and more importantly gets us to eagerly spend our hard earned money? Is it the colorful items that speaks out to us, or maybe it’s your favorite hard to find Disney character on a shirt or backpack.

Making Disney merchandise a must have when you visit the Disney Resort.

I personally like to collect a lot of the old school Disney characters like Bambi, Thumper, The Seven Dwarfs and of course Goofy, Pluto Minnie and Mickey.

Now that Disney is celebrating 100 years, The limited edition Disney 100 merchandise is a must. There’s so many great items to choose from. Toys, games, shoes, hats, backpacks watches and even merchandise that celebrates Pride Month.

Buying Disney merchandise allows you to take your experience home with you. So whether you are a collector or simply just a fan, leaving the Disney resort without merchandise is unacceptable.

There are four things that Disney park fans love as much as the attractions. The tasty food,  interactive character meet and greets and of course themed merchandise.

There’s something about wearing that new Disney swag to let everyone at home know you just came from the happiest place on earth.


  • Mickey And Minnie Disney 100 Ears

    DJ Thump in Disney 100 Mickey Ears

    You are sure to get plenty of attention with these limited edition Disney 100 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears. With the two characters inside the ears lets everyone know this is a new and limited edition style hat.

  • Disney 100 Backpack

    Disney 100 Back pack

    This back pack is so convenient and stylish. You can carry your small items as well as show your loyalty to Disneyland as they celebrate 100 years with some of your favorite characters.

  • Disney 100 Swag

    Disney 100 Swagg

    Whether you are a collector, or like to show off your Disney Swag gear, here are a few ideas for you and even your furry friend.

  • Disney 100 Pride Month Mickey Mouse Ears

    DJ Thump holding Disney 100 Pride month Mickey Ears

    Be unapologetically supportive of the LGBT+ with these colorful Mickey Ears.

  • Disney 100 Rubik's Cube

    Disney 100 Rubik's Cube

    If you are a collector, the Disney 100 Rubik’s cube is a must have. enjoy challenging your mind with this puzzle block.

  • Disney 100 Swag

    Disney Swag

    Disney 100 attire tells the story of how you celebrated while at the Disney Resort. From children wear to adults. collectables or everyday Disney Swag.

  • Sir Phillip The Dragon Slayer Sword And Shield

    Sir Phillip The Dragon Slayer

    Sir Phillip The Dragon Slayer Sword and shield allows any adult to re-live their childhood. Or this can be another great collectible.

  • Disney Chess Set

    Disney Chess Set

    Challenge your mind with this limited edition Disney Chess set. A great collectible that will certainly turn heads while siting on a table in your home.

  • Walt Disney's Wonderful World Of Color Sweat Shirt

    Disney's World Of Color Sweatshirts

    This is much classier than a t-shirt. There is a world of romance, music and dance awaiting in Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and on this boxy pullover sweatshirt with a dazzling polka dot pattern and embroidered TV show logo. It’s a carousel of color and comfort.

  • Pride Month Disney Collectibles And Attire

    Disney's Pride Month Swag

    Disneyland supports Pride month with their variety of Pride gear, bags and collectibles.

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