Meet the two brothers who’ve changed the tap dancing scene completely: Sean and John Scott.

When we think about tap dancing, our mind often alludes to traditional styles. However, these two brothers have pushed the boundaries of what tap dancing is through their transformative choreography.

Sean and John are LA natives, who are now staple Vegas marquee names. From the Cali streets to becoming regular performances on the Strip, these two brothers are the epitome of taking a hold of your craft and making it your own.

The duo have mixed tap dancing with elements of hip-hop, pop and jazz to create an all encompassing experience for the audience. Their colorful dance moves, which usually bend the traditional genre’s status quo, have gained virality and attention, especially from celebrities.

For example, Beyoncé noticed one of their renditions to her song “Halo.” This turned into the brothers meeting Beyoncé and Jay-Z, which then led to the brothers performing at her “I AM… WORLD TOUR.”

Currently, the twins are one of the mainstay performers in the show “Absinthe,” which is “an intoxicating cocktail of racy, adults-only comedy, circus and burlesque, remixed and reimagined to delight savvy, seen-it-all modern audiences.”

The brothers, and their tap dancing, adds an element to this show that’s the perfect touch of traditional techniques morphing with new school styles.

It’s been a long road of practices, hours of pure hard work and even withstanding judgement from other people, who may see tap dancing as “corny.”

As two boys in LA, Sean and John kept their talents under wraps. However, their success started speaking for themselves, and the amount of support broke their apprehension of sharing their dancing with the whole community.

The boys have many inspirations. But the biggest ones are the Nicholas Brothers.

The Nicholas Brothers paved the trail for tap dancing’s popularity in the 1930s and 1950s. And now in today’s current time, Sean and John have a hold of the torch, transforming the genre through their own innovative step sequences and connection to the audience.

We had an amazing time with the brothers, who shared their come-up story and even taught DJ Thump a few moves. Check out DJ Thump‘s interview and dance lesson below!

  • DJ Thump Chats With Sean & John

  • Sean & John Teach DJ Thump A Few Moves

  • Although He's Never Tap Danced, DJ Thump Was A Great Student

    Sean, DJ Thump and John

  • Dj Thump Sits Down With Legendary Tap Dancers Sean And John

    DJ Thump and Sean and John

  • Sean and John Have Shared The Stage With Beyoncé, Usher, Prince and more

    Tap Dancing Twins Dancing

  • Now Pose!

    Sean, John and DJ Thump

  • DJ Thump Learns From The Masters

    Sean and John and DJ Thump

  • When The Master Is Unimpressed With His New Student's Freestyle Moves (all jokes!)

    Dancer and DJ Thump

  • "Now Show Me That Move One More Time," - DJ Thump

    DJ Thump and Dancer

  • Sean and John Blessed Us With Their Smooth Moves

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