Thump In The Morning

Thump In The Morning

Thump In The Morning

DJ Thump is embarking on a new lifestyle health journey and he wants to share it with you. This new expedition is not going to be easy but will show you that anything is possible with a relentless attitude, positive mindset and persistent drive.

Thump signed up at a local gym to work on his physical and mental fitness. Monday, May 16, marked the first intense gym session which left our morning show host sore but extremely motivated. He is working one-on-one with a trainer to better his life.

Thump has set up a work-out schedule which includes going to the gym five days a week, a sustainable meal plan and a set of boundaries within himself. His trainer curates weekday workout practices specifically for his well being. One quote that keeps our favorite DJ motivated is, “He that is making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” – Benjamin Franklin. Growing up as a football player, Thump is not a stranger to the fitness rise and grind. Though he endured a knee injury early on his career he still persevered in sharing his talents with the world.

As life goes on we all have fallen into the hustle of working, raising a family while balancing everything else and Thump has decided to put himself first. We commend Thump on his choice to make himself better and we are excited to see where his new ride will take him.

Thumps wife Angel, is very supportive with his new life change and is helping with his meal prepping and beverage intake. We hope that you find inspiration in DJ Thump‘s journey. The Jammin’ 105.7 family is cheering him on with support and love.

*** Please be advised that everyone’s body is different. DJ Thumps plan was created for his personal journey. Please reach out to a health professional before attempting any new fitness routines or trying any dietary changes.

  • Week One: Thump Starts With A Bang

    Read his week one entry here:

    Fitness Journey With Thump: Week One Starts With A Bang


    After this first week of workouts, I continually fell into a deep coma-like state of sleep. This week was very challenging. My body was beyond soar but pressure makes diamonds, and this is my mindset.

    This lifestyle change is not as bad as I thought. I’m learning to eat better as I work off the extra pounds. My body is getting use to the weekly workouts, and I am actually sleeping better. Therefore, I’m getting better rest and my days are more productive.

    As this week comes to a close, I look forward to seeing my progress, new challenges and accomplishments for next week. Let’s GO!

  • Week 2 of My Fitness Journey

    So, this is my week 2. And to be honest, I really want to give up! (Just kidding.) I have come such a long way in just one week. My muscles are no longer fighting with me due to me drinking a BCAA ( Block Chain Amino Acids) drink after I work out, which helps repair the muscles.  What’s crazy is I can feel results already. My eating habits have changed tremendously. I no longer eat red meat, processed foods, and I have completely stopped drinking sodas. One step at a time is my motto. I want to keep this as realistic as possible so I can stay dedicated. This week’s workout was killer, and I was pushed to the max. Next week, I won’t be in the gym as much because I’ll be broadcasting LIVE from Disneyland.

    Fitness Journey With Thump: Week Two
  • Week 3: Every Little Step I Take Counts

    So week 3  was really a challenge. I was at Disneyland and of course it was very hard to find healthy food there. after all it is the happiest place on earth…”FOR KIDS.” I thought it would be cool to have a cheat day and eat a  fried and processed meal. my stomach turned into Jurassic Park and attacked every thing inside of me.  I thought they were going to have to shut Disneyland down because I almost did not make it to the rest room.  It’s amazing how your stomach will reject unhealthy foods once you stop eating it. However even though I didn’t go to the gym that weekend I was able to get plenty of exercise by walking around that park. I averaged about 19,000 steps a day, burning almost 2,000 calories. So now I am even more conscious of getting extra steps in even when I am not at the gym. I park further away from the grocery store just so I can get that extra work out in. In the words of Bobby Brown “Every Little Step I Take” counts!

    Las Vegas Takes Over Disneyland: Our Best Moments And Celebrations
  • week 4: Hard Work Pays Off

    It’s been 4 weeks of working hard 4 days a week. But when you start seeing and feeling the results it makes all the body aches and pain so worth it.  Week 1, I could barely do 10 push ups (don’t judge me). Now I can do 20 push ups without struggling. I went down 1 pant size, and I’ve lost 9 lbs. “I FEEL GREAT.”

    Hard work is paying off. I have to thank my trainer Heaven Fennell for not allowing me to slack! “Excuses are tools used by fools to build monuments of nothing!” I am determined to live better. my eating habits have changed tremendously. A big percentage of my results comes from what I put in my body. You are what you eat!

    Fitness Journey With Thump: Another Week In The Books
  • Week 5: You Are What You Eat

    I use to stop and get a breakfast sandwich from a near by fast food restaurant. But, I have found a new way to enjoy a quick breakfast that’s delicious, full of protein and contains the proper nutrients I need to help start my day.

    A protein shake with bananas, strawberries and pineapples with apple juice, oat milk and whey protein powder. Watermelon slices are always a good snack to curve those mid-day munchies.

    I realized my body wasn’t really craving that fast food. It was craving sugar and taste. So, I am training my body to crave natural sugars from fruit. Let’s be real, the only way I could stay true to this lifestyle change was to not deprive my body from the sweet taste of  the foods I like.

    So, instead of a big slice of cake, I cut a thin slice every once and a while, and I call that a “treat.” I substitute red meat for turkey and skinless chicken. Fish is also really good when it comes to satisfying any protein cravings. Bottom line, there are so many other things that are actually better for me, and they taste great. I am loving my lifestyle change. After all “You are what you eat!”

    Six weeks of this fitness journey and I am feeling great. I’m finding things to eat that I really like. Lettuce wraps with black rice, carrots, edamame and ground turkey. Also a chicken Lettuce wrap with grapes.

    I didn’t think I would like edamame but they are actually delicious. Edamame is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod, found in cuisines with origins in East Asia. The pods are boiled or steamed and may be served with salt or other condiments. In Japan, they are usually blanched in 4% salt water and not served with salt. These tiny green beans are packed with nutrients, proteins, and antioxidants, making them an excellent source of energy and fiber. They are naturally gluten-free, low in calories, and high in essential fatty acids.

    And I never heard of black rice until last week. I had to do some research on black rice and found that Heart disease is a common problem in the world today, especially when you’re talking about the build-up of atherosclerotic plaque in your arteries. Black rice has been shown to reduce this build-up and lead to improved heart health. Black rice can also help reduce both total cholesterol levels and LDL cholesterol levels, both of which are common causes of cardiovascular disease. When it comes to keeping your heart healthy, there may not be a better grain. “I’ll Have More Please.”

    Fitness Journey With Thump: Week 5
  • Week 6: I see The Results

    I lost over 20 lbs so far in 6 weeks! I am so Proud of myself.
    Fitness Journey With Thump: Week 6
  • Week 7: Still Pushing

    I find the best times to work out is when I don’t feel like it.  I Sometimes have to drag myself to the gym, but the “I Don’t Feel Like It” work out is always the best one. This journey is not easy, and I realize it takes commitment. There’s no room for excuses. If you want to withdraw results you have to deposit the effort. I went from 3 days a week to now 5 days a week. Just one hour a day will truly make a difference.

    Fitness Journey With Thump Week 7
  • Week 8: Exploring And Experimenting New Recipes

    Week 8: Exploring And Experimenting New Recipes

    It’s week 8 and I am finding new things to eat that’s not only healthy but actually delicious.  Salmon, skinless chicken, kale with chicken sausage,  flavored Protein drinks and yummy snacks from the snack bar at Las Vegas Athletic Club. I found out that my body was craving taste more than anything. so instead of eating processed foods I now make an effort to eat whole foods with protein and nutrients that is actually better for my body. Better choices equals better results. instead of fried fish, I found that baked salmon is not only better, but it actually taste better.

    You wouldn’t put diesel fuel in your car if it takes unleaded would you? then why do we put the wrong fuel in our body? Your body is a machine and it only puts out based upon what you put in. I put down sodas and replaced them with water, or healthy alternatives. Don’t get me wrong, I still like treats, and I didn’t want to shock my body with a drastic change, so I suggest you do everything in moderation.

    For example, I love rice and potatoes, so I use cauliflower rice instead and I limit how much potatoes I eat. One baked potato a week is a great start. I am not a nutritionist but I can only tell you what works for me. Cardio is always a good thing to help burn some of those unwanted calories and can help you get a caloric deficit which can help you lose weight.

    I was a little discouraged at first because I wasn’t seeing results as fast as I expected, But again, you get out what you put in. So as much as I Love cakes and cookies, I had to reduce the amount of junk in order to get better results. I am a long way from where I want to be, but every healthy step I take is getting me closer to my goal which is a healthier lifestyle.

  • Week 9: No Gym, No Problem

    Week 9: No Gym, No Problem

    Wow, week 9. What a journey this has been.

    From starting out at one gym and then moving to another, to changing my eating habits and lifestyle. I’m so glad I’ve embarked on this fitness journey.

    Since I’m a morning show host and traveling DJ in Las Vegas, my schedule isn’t your typical 9 to 5. Because of this, I purchased an AeroTrainer.

    This AeroTrainer is so versatile and can workout any part of your muscles. It’s compact and can fit in tight spaces. At first, I underestimated the power of this device. It was intense and was a great workout for my core. I did crunches and did pushups on the AeroTrainer, which left me pretty winded.

    I was pretty KO-ed after the workout, and it supported the upper portion of my back. Since I was a former athlete, certain parts of my knee and back can be prone to pain. So this device offered me a low-intensity, yet hard workout that still made me sweat.

    I also kept up with my diet. But listen, it’s football season. So don’t get too made at me if I slip up!

  • Week 10: A Brutal Leg Day



    This is week 10 of my fitness journey, and the grind hasn’t — and will not — stop.

    These pictures show case a BRUTAL leg day. After switching gyms, I wasn’t too sure that I would fall back into the same intensity and groove. I think many of us can relate that sometimes change is necessary, but scary. But this switch was great!

    Usually, I focus on my arms. But this week showed me that I can’t neglect my legs. I was exhausted after my trainer ran through her circuit.

    Upon reflecting on my fitness journey, I’m astonished from the progress I’ve made to week 10 from week one. With each passing week, I feel healthier and better.  I can’t believe it’s been nearly three months of ME embarking of my fitness journey.

    If you ever thought about giving up: Let me give you some words of wisdom. You will never see how far you’ve made it without starting. Every step forward is one in the right direction. Without failure, you will never know the sweet fruits of success. Everything you do in this life has a risk.

    For me, starting this journey and exiting out of my comfort was risky. I was so use to the comfort of my bad habits and apathy for physical activity that I lost the amazing feeling that working out and staying healthy provides. I know I need to stay disciplined and stick to my plan, so I don’t fall off the bandwagon.

    Week 10: A Brutal Leg Day

    My fitness journey has transformed me in ways I couldn’t imagine, and I’m so proud of myself and my wife, Angel, for helping me alongside this journey. I couldn’t have done this transformation without my strength and support from my family.

    I’m excited to see what next week brings for me in terms of challenges and success! LETZ GO!

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