Like most people waiting in the checkout lane at the grocery store, I find myself grazing over the book and magazine rack next to the candy bars waiting for room on the conveyor belt to start loading my stuff. The variety is actually pretty impressive. I mean for such a small little area they really do pack quite the selection.

Today’s magazine covers offer an interview with former First Lady Michell Obama, a look inside Jennifer Lopez‘s relationship with Ben Affleck, a tabloid’s claim that Kanye West had a “Psych Ward Emergency,’ an ultimate guide to the TV show “Cheers” and a cat magazine “Cats” with the alluring headline, “Cats vs Dogs.” Who could resist?

From politics to entertainment and recipes to crossword puzzles, it’s all the standard fare as far as I’m concerned. That is until I reach the very bottom, the last row on the rung. “What does that say?” I asked myself in disbelief. I lean down and pull out a copy of… “Farting Animals!?”

Now maybe it’s because I don’t have toddlers of my own but I had no idea this was a thing. I wrestled with the topic. Are they really displaying books about farting in the check-out line? It definitely piqued my curiosity, so I began to investigate. Come to find out, this wasn’t just some random one-off coloring book, there’s actually a whole series of them.

M.T. Lott is reportedly a “top 5” Amazon bestselling author and illustrator who first published the “Farting Animals” coloring book in 2016. Yes, apparently I’ve been living under a rock. I had no idea these coloring books were a thing. Jimmy Fallon even poked fun at the coloring book on “The Tonight Show” back in 2019. How did I miss this phenomena?

So, funny or inappropriate? The topic is insanely popular as I found there are many more books out there on the subject so I’m guessing most parents and their kids find it hilarious. Check out these titles and have a chuckle.



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