ATLANTA, GA - JULY 22: Rapper Future performs on stage at Gucci and Friends Homecoming Concert at Fox Theatre on July 22, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Future (born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) is one of the pioneers of putting autotune into trap music. He’s also known for bringing his toxic lyrics to the forefront of his songs. The rapper’s debut studio album Pluto was in 2012. It contained songs such as “Turn On the Lights,” “Tony Montana” (featuring Drake), and more. He followed up with Honest in 2014, which had singles “Move That Dope” (featuring Pharrell Williams and Pusha T), “I Won” (featuring Kanye West), and the title track. The rapper kept cranking out projects, including 2015’s DS2, which had the single “Where Ya At” (featuring Drake), and its follow-up Evol in 2016 with the popular track “Low Life” (featuring The Weeknd). Future was becoming hard to ignore.

The rapper has released nine studio albums to date. His last LP was I NEVER LIKED YOU, which was nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammys. It also earned a nomination for Best Rap Song (“Wait For U”) and a win for Best Melodic Rap Performance (“Wait For U”). “Wait For U” features Drake and Tems.

Future’s Lyrics Making Headlines

Like most artists, Future raps a lot about his personal life. He previously had a relationship with Ciara, and they share one son, Future Zahir, who is nine. The two got engaged in October 2013 and broke up a few months after their son was born in May 2014. The cause of their breakup was that he allegedly cheated on Ciara with his stylist, but he denied those rumors.

“I feel like 95 percent of relationships end with cheating, but me and her relationship had nothing to do with cheating,” the rapper said to Entertainment Weekly at the time.”We grew apart.”

Ciara has since moved on with Russell Wilson, who they have two children together and one on the way. However, since the break-up, the NFL star has caught a couple of strays, with many fans insinuating Future is a scornful ex.

In his feature on Quavo’s “Turn Yo Clic Up,” Future takes aim at Wilson.

“Big dawg status, bill hopper/ I ball in his mall for my brothers/ Goyard bag, tote the Corduroy/ I got it out the field, f— Russell,” Future raps.

It seems like no one is safe from Future’s bars. Take a look at 13 of his most toxic lyrics below:

  • 13. "Over Your Head" - Future and Lil Uzi Vert 'Pluto × Baby Pluto' (2020)

    “She keep tryna text me, leave her messages on read.”

    This toxic lyric is from Future and Lil Uzi Vert’s “Over Your Head.” Despite the song’s title, this line is anything but indirect. What’s more toxic than ignoring someone that’s into you? Well, we guess Future doesn’t even care to find out.

  • 12. "Wait For U" - Future ft. Drake and Tems 'I NEVER LIKED YOU' (2022)

    “I can hear your tears when they drop over the phone/ Get mad at yourself cause you can’t leave me alone.”

    This Grammy-winning toxic lyric is from Future’s “Wait For U” which features Tems and Drake. The song is off of his 2022 album I NEVER LIKED YOU. Now while this lyric in theory is not that toxic, coming from Future, you can already hear the egotistical meaning behind the last part of the line. Nonetheless, the song still slaps, and it is no wonder why it won a Grammy for Best Melodic Rap Performance at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

  • 11. "Sleeping On The Floor" - Future and Lil Uzi Vert 'Pluto × Baby Pluto' (2020)

    “I would never trust her, only judge off what she done for me.”

    Yikes. This toxic lyric definitely shows how not only is trust out the window, but he only deems the girl worthy based on what she can do for him. The line is from he and Uzi’s “Sleeping On The Floor.” The song was released in 2020 and is a part of their joint mixtape Pluto × Baby Pluto.

  • 10."Hard To Choose One" - Future 'High Off Life' (2020)

    “Money and sex is bringin’ me problems/But I’m at my best when I’m runnin’ through models.”

    Avoidance is a recurring theme in Future’s music. Whether it’s drugs, sex, money, partying, or anything to avoid the problem at hand, you can find it in a Future lyric. This lyric, in particular, is from his song “Hard To Choose One,” which found on his eighth studio album High Off Life.. It was released in 2020.

  • 9. "Over Your Head" - Future and Lil Uzi Vert 'Pluto × Baby Pluto' (2020)

    “F—- it off and leavin’ with your best friend instead.”

    Yup, it’s this song again. “Over Your Head” has not one but two toxic lyrics from Future. He raps about leaving a girl for her friend, which 1) being dumped already stings and 2) her best friend…really? He just added some salt to the wound with this one.

  • 8. "My Collection" - Future 'HNDRXX' (2017)

    “Anytime I got you, girl you my possession/Even if I hit you once, you part of my collection”

    Instead of just labeling people as past sexual partners or exes, Future has a degrading way of referring to women he’s slept with in the past. Subsequently, the song is called “My Collection” where he raps about his past sexcapades and how he groups certain women after he’s done with them. The song was released in 2017 off of his album HNDRXX.

  • 7. "Marni On Me" - Future and Lil Uzi Vert 'Pluto × Baby Pluto' (2020)

    “I push a button, bitch kneel to my feet.”

    Being in control is also another common theme in Future’s lyrics. In this lyric, the woman he’s with is either being willingly submissive or he’s just metaphorically bragging that someone out there is willing to stop what they’re doing to please him. Regardless, this lyric is just one of many that puts a sour taste in your mouth. The lyric is from his collab with Uzi, “Marni On Me.”

  • 6. "Real Baby Pluto" - Future and Lil Uzi Vert 'Pluto × Baby Pluto' (2020)

    “F— my bitch, I f— her friends, I don’t care, play it fair”

    Another lyric where Future is ready to get rid of a girl he’s messing with for their friend. While the act itself is already shameless, adding that you just don’t care makes it worse. The line is from “Real Baby Pluto” with Lil Uzi Vert. It was released in 2020.

  • 5. "Groupies" - Future 'DS2' (2015)

    “I know that’s your bitch, my n—-/But she gon’ come f— me whenever, whenever I want her”

    The lack of loyalty and ego in this lyric is unmatched. In this lyric, he tells his friend that not only will he have sex with his girl, but that she’s going to come crawling to him. But with a title like “Groupies,” what do you really expect?

  • 4. "Real Sisters" - Future 'DS2' (2015)

    “Oh, that’s your best friend? I’m tryna f— her with you (I swear)/ First met the bitches, they said they real sisters (Okay)”

    Future shows that he really just does not care when it comes to pursuing women for sex. In “Real Sisters,” from DS2, he does not even mind having sex with women who are blood-related. Future’s “IDGAF meter” is at an all-time high with this one.

  • 3. "Favorite Song (Toxic Version)" - Toosi Ft. Future (2023)

    “Only f—– on her just to get to you/Only f—– on her ’cause I’m missin’ you”

    If you thought Future wasn’t going to bring his toxicity to his features…have you learned nothing from this list? The title for this song remix is literally “Favorite Song (Toxic Version)” by Toosi featuring Future. Future often uses women to get back at other women in his lyrics. However, with this line, there is a double layer to his mistreatment. Not only is he hurting both women involved (one can assume they both have some feelings for him), but he begins the line blatantly, telling her, “I’m trying to mess with you,” and turns around and tries to turn into the victim. He uses his infidelity, saying he’s only behaving this way because of how he feels about her. This line is definitely giving manipulation vibes.

  • 2."Low Life" - Future 'Evol' (2016)

    “If she catch me cheating, I will never tell her sorry”

    If you look up “toxic” in the dictionary, you might just very well see this line. It’s so blunt and out there that you really have to step back and gather yourself. It’s the lack of accountability for us. He’s heard rapping this line on “Low Life.”

  • 1. "Peacoat" - Future and Zaytoven 'Beast Mode' (2015)

    “He want her, she on that sea water / f— around, pull out my d— and I pee on her”

    If you were lost for words when you heard “Peacoat,” then you are not alone. There is no kink-shaming here, but it doesn’t seem like this is anything the woman in this scenario is asking for. By far, this is one of Future’s most toxic and outright volatile lines.

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