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Janet Jackson, who celebrates her birthday on May 16, is one of the most talented singers of all time.

Janet Jackson is celebrating her 58th birthday this month. And what better way to honor her than to highlight her five greatest musical achievements? At least from this fan’s point of view.

Janet Jackson: A Little History About The Birthday Girl

As most of the world knows, Janet Jackson is the younger sister of the Jackson 5. With a famous brother like Michael, people weren’t really surprised when the singer gravitated toward music in the 1980’s. Her self-titled debut album dropped in 1982.

But before she was a famous singer, Janet Jackson was an actress. She starred in her first television role as Penny on the hit television show Good Times in 1977, according to When she was just 11 years old. She then went on to star in Different Strokes as Charlene, the sweet girlfriend of Willis.

And let’s not forget Jackson’s role on the hit show Fame. Where she played Cleo from 1982-1987, according to That was the role that told the world Janet inherited the Jackson genes when it came to dancing.

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Janet went on to do movies as well as music. According to, she has credits in over 60 movies. Her first role was as Justice in the 1993 hit movie Poetic Justice. Her other movie roles include Why Did I Get Married, Why Did I Get Married Too, and The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps.

Janet’s performance in Why Did I Get Married Too had a lot of people in tears. Especially fans who knew the story behind her famous golf club scene. She goes crazy with the club, breaking stuff and taking violent swings in a very emotional few minutes on film. The reason Janet was so raw and real in that scene is that she just found out her brother, Michael, had suddenly died. And Tyler Perry let her channel that pain into her acting. Check out the interview where they talk about that heartwrenching scene.

And what we all saw in that scene, and what we see in Janet’s other acting, is the same thing we feel in her music. Unbridled passion, love and dedication not only to her craft, but to her fans.

The 5 Greatest Janet Jackson Songs Of All Time

So, in honor of the birthday girl, here are what I consider to be her five best songs of all time.

  • "Control" From her 1986 album of the same name, this song was a statement by Janet to her parents. Through this song, Janet said out loud that she was finally in control of her own destiny. Before that, her father, Joe Jackson, was definitely in control. As he had the worldwide reputation of being So much so that he made headlines many times during the career of all of his children.

  • "Let's Wait Awhile"

    Also from her Control album. When this song came out, I was sure she was singing it right to me. Proof of how much Janet connects with her fans in her music. Each lyric speaks of not only love, but strength and patience too.

  • "What's It Gonna Be"

    From Busta Rhyme’s 1999 album, this song has two of my favorite artists on it. And it’s proof that Janet can not only rock a song solo. But also collaborate with other artists flawlessly. The video was also super dope with all the visual effects. But all that still didn’t take away from the passion in the music.

  • "When I Think Of You"

    From Janet’s Control album, this is another song she was singing directly to me. And there was something really unique about this video. All of Janet’s videos tell a story but this one was like a full on Broadway musical. Complete with an orchestra of horn players and a ensemble of backup dancers.

  • "Rhythm Nation"

    From Janet’s 1989 Rhythm Nation 1814 album. This song encompasses all of Janet’s talents. Her dancing, her sex appeal, her singing. And the song itself is so well-crafted, it’s been remixed about a hundred times. Including by me.

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