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Thump In The Morning

Thump In The Morning

Before you sound off and start questioning my loyalty purely based on the headline let me note one thing. I have supported Derek Carr since he was given the starting job over Matt Schaub his rookie year in 2014. I have given him the benefit of the doubt for many years because of many reasons that I will outline further in this post and have understood the era of Raiders football that we have transitioned to since he took over.

I also, however, have been able to criticize and critique him when it was warranted. Over the past few years I have given him his props when due and been critical of him when it was deserved as well.

It seems as if amongst Raider Nation that is not a popular stance, nor are you allowed to do that. It seems as if you’re only allowed to be on one extreme side or another. Never in my lifetime of following this team and recently being deep within the social media presence, have I ever encountered a player like Derek Carr who was so polarizing, captivating, and divisive within his own fanbase.

The most interesting part of this whole situation is that everyone is validated in their opinions no matter which side of the hostile line you fall on. If you think that he can be the answer and that factors outside his play and control on the field are the reasons for the team’s overall struggle, there is plenty of evidence to back that up.

If you believe that Derek Carr has been given too much time to prove himself and that we’ve seen the extent of what his ability can be, you’d be validated with plenty of evidence as well.

No matter what your opinion though there is no denying that the Raiders have found themselves in this weird good sometimes but not great, football purgatory that leaves fans to wonder if the team will ever get over that hump, or just revert back to the many years of bottom-dwelling we’ve been accustomed to. I do believe that this team can in fact take the next step to compete at a higher level.

Unfortunately, I also believe that that won’t happen until they move on from Derek Carr, and begin a new chapter with a new QB1.

Derek Carr has been a very good quarterback during his time here with the Raiders. He has set many records, taken this franchise out of the depths of rock bottom, and brought us into a place where not only does Raider Nation have hope every year, but genuinely believes that we have a chance to win every Sunday.

Maybe part of the allure of Derek Carr is that he’s the best quarterback we’ve had since Rich Gannon took the Raiders to the Super Bowl in 2002. Maybe the hard part of letting go is being afraid to drop back into the depths of the NFL trash again.

Nobody wants to give up a good thing if it means taking a step backward.

But that is exactly what Derek Carr represents right now. He’s the girlfriend or boyfriend that you know there isn’t anything inherently wrong with, but you don’t see things moving past where they are currently. They’ve always been loyal and they’ve always done you right, But they aren’t the one.

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