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Las Vegas dogs of all sizes can beat the heat and enjoy a fun-filled morning of splashing, canon balls, and dog-paddling at the Desert Breeze Aquatic Facility during the 17th Annual “Dog Daze of Summer” event. Every dog has its day and that day is Saturday, Sept. 10.

You’ll be singing “Who Let The Dogs Out” by The Baha Men as dogs compete for the title of  “Tallest Dog”, “Shortest Dog”, and “Best Dog Trick”. Speaking of dog tricks, have you seen this?

Don’t have a dog? There are plenty of adorable local dogs waiting to find their forever homes. Scroll below to learn about a few Las Vegas pet adoption/rescue places you can visit.

Already a pet parent? Be sure to stay mindful of these hot summer days as you take Fido on a walk or take them along in the car doing errands.

The hot concrete or asphalt can burn your pets’ paws. Some signs of burned paws include darker-than-usual paw pads, missing parts of the footpad, blisters or if your dog is limping or refusing to walk. If your dog also licks and chews on its paws then this can be a sign of burned pads, too.

What should seem like obvious advice… PLEASE, do not leave your pets alone in hot cars. This guy learned the hard way: