This may not be one of our proudest moments but Las Vegas ranks as one of the dirtiest cities in the U.S.

Vegas is a small city with a big attitude. We are looked to be on the level of a Los Angeles, New York, and maybe even a Chicago when it comes to primary travel destinations. The difference is that we don’t have half the amount of residents that live here. And if we’re being honest, we like it like that.

What we don’t like is killing our mother Earth while creating and spreading pollution. According to, there is an estimated 2,292,476 people who live in Clark County, Nevada as of July 1, 2021.

Each and every year Las Vegas is growing in residents, housing developments and commercial buildings. The community of Southern Nevada is expanding which then equates to more consumption of food, products and fossil fuels.

City life may seem glamorous but look around the streets and tell us what you see. Food waste and paper products are piling up in our streets. Not as “glamorous” as some might think., conducted a survey of the 152 biggest cities across the U.S. to see which were the dirtiest. The higher the average score the dirtier the city is where the lower the average score means the cleaner the city is.

They evaluated the cities using four key components: Pollution, Living Conditions, Infrastructure and Consumer Satisfaction. The results speak for themselves.

Five California cities ranked the worst for air quality with Riverside, CA ranking at the top. Anchorage, AK ranked as the city with the best air pollution.

Denver, CO ranked the highest for green house emissions from facilities. Virginia Beach, VA ranked using fewer green house emissions from facilities.

You can find more details about the survey here. Help clean up your city today to live in a cleaner environment!

  • 5. Jersey City, NJ

    Overall Score: 48.11

    Pollution: 50

    Living Conditions: 2

    Infrastructure: 110

    Consumer Satisfaction: 15 

    Jersey City, NJ Dirtiest Cities

  • 4. Detroit, MI

    Overall Score: 48.3

    Pollution: 9

    Living Conditions: 35

    Infrastructure: 89

    Consumer Satisfaction: 4 

    Detroit, Michigan Dirtiest Cities

  • 3. San Bernardino, CA

    Overall Score: 51.58

    Pollution: 1

    Living Conditions: 56 

    Infrastructure: 131

    Consumer Satisfaction: 1

    San Bernardino, CA Dirtiest Cities

  • 2. Newark, NJ

    Overall Score: 55.25

    Pollution: 14

    Living Conditions: 5

    Infrastructure: 97

    Consumer Satisfaction: 3 

    Newark, New Jersey Dirtiest Cities

  • 1. Houston, TX

    Overall Score: 56.02

    Pollution: 3

    Living Conditions: 4

    Infrastructure: 12

    Consumer Satisfaction: 34 

    Houston, Texas Dirtiest Cities

  • 19. Las Vegas, NV

    Vegas came in at number 19. We didn’t rank in the top 10 which is great but that just means we a lot more work to do.

    Overall Score: 43.98

    Pollution: 15

    Living Conditions: 99

    Infrastructure: 2

    Consumer Satisfaction: 37 

    Las Vegas, Nevada Dirtiest Cities

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