For the few of you reading this who are unfamiliar with Thor:

He’s the hammer-wielding “God of Thunder” sworn to protect mankind portrayed by actor Chris Hemsworth in Marvel‘s feature-length “Avengers” movies including “Thor” and “Thor: Ragnarock.”

Marvel recently introduced a female version (The Mighty Thor) played by actress Natalie Portman whose character Jane Foster utilizes the power of Mjolnir in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Catch the movie trailer below.

This isn’t necessarily the first time Sylvester Stallone has played a hero. Some might also consider his past roles as Rambo and Barney Ross in The Expendables as heroes.

Most recently, Stallone played Stakar Ogord in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2“, a legendary Ravergers captain and the leader of the Stakar Ravager Clan. Ogord saved Yondu Udonta from a life of slavery and welcomed him to the Ravagers.

But let’s keep it real. At 76 years old, Sylvester Stallone isn’t necessarily at the top of anyone’s list to play a Superhero. However, I can’t think of many other actors who would be perfect to play this one.

Not to be confused with the 2012 movie character The Samaritan played by Samuel L. Jackson, Sylvester Stallone is set to play Samaritan,  a retired hammer-wielding hero believed to have died over twenty years ago. A young boy discovers Samaritan is alive and tries to convince him to make a comeback to save the city.

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Speaking of Samuel L. Jackson, the movie “Samaritan” was reportedly inspired by the 2000 movie “Unbreakable” starring Bruce Willis which co-starred Jackson.

Stallone will reprise his roll as Stakar Ogord in the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” as well as Barney Ross in the fourth installment of The Expendables. Both movies are set for a 2023 release.

Samaritan starring Sylvester Stallone is scheduled for release on August 26 and streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime.

  • Thor: Love & Thunder Trailer

  • Stallone in Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2

  • Samaritan Trailer

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