The richest county in Nevada isn’t what you think it is.

When we think about Nevada’s richest areas, pictures of cash flowing on the famous Las Vegas Strip are often thought of.

But, the wealthiest county in Nevada isn’t Clark County. In fact, the richest county isn’t even located close to Clark County at all!

A recent study by Stacker compiled Nevada’s counties and quantified data that ranked counties from highest to lowest household median incomes. Now, let us put a disclaimer that this study didn’t utilize “revenue generated per county.” This study ranked each county from household median income instead.

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the study shows the economic disparities between Nevada’s counties. Many counties vastly differ in population, topography, job market, etc. There are 17 counties in Nevada that have unique histories, stories and economies. The geological-lush mines located throughout the state attracted thousands of people to move here during the gold and silver rushes. Along with the mining industry that still supplements many, the glittering Las Vegas Strip economically nourishes Clark County through its hospitality and tourism industry.

No matter where you go in Nevada, the economy is constantly moving and changing throughout the counties.

The Covid-19 pandemic also changed much of the state’s economic trajectory when it came to certain counties in Nevada. Things such as income, poverty levels, consumer habits and job opportunities drastically altered in the Silver State due to the pandemic.

Nevada’s economy is rooted in mining, tourism, gaming and cattle ranching, which are pretty elastic industries that fold and rise with peaks and troughs of the economy’s cycle. This was made certain during the pandemic when much of Nevada’s industries were forced to shut down for weeks.

However, things are growing and returning back to their pre-pandemic levels of activity, according to a report from AARP.

Nevada is diverse and colorful when it comes it its economic activity. However, the richest county isn’t where most people think. Scroll down below to see the top ten richest counties in Nevada.

  • 10) Carson City

    According to Stacker’s data, Carson City is the 10th richest county in Nevada, which may be surprising considering it’s also our state’s capital! The state states that the median household income is $58,305, which is 6% below the state’s average.

  • #9. Lyon County

    Lyon County

    Lyon County was one of the nine original counties created in 1861, according to According to Stacker, the median household income is $61,048.

  • 8) Clark County

    Surprise, surprise! Clark County isn’t the richest county after all. When we think about Las Vegas, we think about “excess.” Whether it be in the form of hospitality, partying, gaming, etc. But, the household median income isn’t the highest in the state despite our reputation for being “high rolling.” However, if we calculated revenue generated per county then this study (and Clark County’s ranking) may change. According to Stacker, the household medium income is $61,048

  • 7) Storey County

    The epitome of the “wild west,” Storey County earned its place in history in 1859. The major employers in this county are GDiesel, Golden State Petroleum, James Hardie, Mars Pet Care, NV Energy, Pittsburgh Paint, Pet Smart, Storey County School District, Tire Rack and Wal-Mart. According to Stacker, the median household income is $64,000.

  • 6) Humboldt County

    The rolling mountain ranges, the lush nature and the remoteness of this county is what makes it charming. According to Stacker, the median household income is $66,123. It’s largely a region with ranchers and farmers. But there’s currently a proposed lithium mine that is slated to bring 300 long-term jobs that pay an average of $63,000. However, this mine is met with immense controversy due to its inevitable, detrimental environmental effects. Along with this, Fort McDermitt Indian Reservation is located 50 miles from the mine site. Tribe members have expressed concern that the pollution from the mine will spread and ultimately affect the reservation and surrounding environment.

  • 5) Eureka County

    Home | Eureka County

    The official website for Eureka County.

    Eureka County is sparse in population. But the jobs are quite the money-making endeavors. According to the county’s website, Eureka’s economy is primarily a ranching, agricultural and mining county. According to Stacker, the median household income is $67,478.

  • 4) Washoe County

    In this county, some of the major employers are health care companies, hotel and hospitality companies, logistic companies and gaming services. The median household income is $68,272.

  • 3) Douglas County

    It’s Scenic Photo Friday and this photo was submitted by Jacob Ruppel. This picture is overlooking Jake’s Wetland and...

    Posted by Douglas County, Nevada on Friday, September 23, 2022

    According to the county’s website, some of the major employers in this area are: Bently Nevada, A Baker Hughes business, JT Basque Bar and Dining Room, Edgewood Tahoe Resort, Carson Valley Medical Center. The household median income is $71,415.

  • 2) Lander County

    Lander County is located slightly east of Reno, encasing small towns and some post-mining communities within its borders. Although the towns may seem small, the collective community wallet doesn’t reflect that. According to Stacker, the median household income is $73,797.

  • 1) Elko County

    It looks like the big bucks are in Elko! According to Stacker, Elko’s median household income is $79,375. This county thrives from the agricultural, mining, hunting and fishing industry. According to USA Today, less than 2% of American workers are employed within these industries. However, in Elko, 27.5% of people are employed within these industries.

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