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Just about every kid that ever played sports dreamed of making it to the pros. Having that legendary pro player to look up to or even emulate. whether it was Magic Johnson with the fancy passes or Michael Jordan with his high-flying style that amazed fans from all over the world. everyone wanted to be like Mike. From the way he stuck out his tongue when making a spectacular dunk, or simply the shoes. Well, some of these athletes actually followed not only their dreams but in their parent’s footsteps.

Being A Professional Athlete Is Not As Easy As You Think

According to, only 0.016% of the draft-eligible NCAA pool will make it to the pros. That’s a very low number compared to how many actually dream of being there. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for a professional athlete is $70, 280. This creates a stark contrast to see what the actual salary of the average player versus the top earners of each league.

Being a professional athlete takes years of disciplined training, strict diets, and a lifetime sacrifice just to be considered.

Children Of Professional Athletes What It Takes To Make Pro

Being a son or daughter of a professional athlete could be even more stressful when their focus is to make it on their own talents. It must not be easy to be compared constantly with higher expectations than others. Some notable mentions are former NBA star Darius Rice who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and New Jersey Nets and was often compared to his uncle Jerry Rice who also has a son who was drafted in the NFL, Brendon Rice.

Scroll down the list below to see which Professional Athletes followed in their parent’s footsteps. You might be surprised at this list. Did you know?

  • Julius Erving and Alexandra Stevenson

    Left to right: Julius Erving, Alexandra Stevenson

    Both are amazing and accomplished athletes.

    Alexandra Stevenson is the father of Julius Erving. Julius is known for being the face of the American Basketball Association. Dr. J as he was known is an iconic player who was also in the ABA and NBA. He’s a four-time MVP and 16-time All Star, according to his personal Instagram. Alexandra Stevenson is the daughter of Dr. J, and is an accomplished teisplayer. She’s one of the only women to reach the Wimbledon semifinals, The Sun reports. She also is an ESPN tennis analyst.

  • Pam McGee and Imani Stafford

    From left to right: Pam McGee and Imani Stafford

    Pam McGee was a 1984 Kodak All-American, a finalist for the 1983 Wade Trophy, and a finalist for the 1984 Naismith Award, according to Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. She was a “first-round draft pick in the inaugural season of the WNBA, and she is the first WNBA player to have a son play in the NBA,” the Hall of Fame website states. Her daughter, Imani Stafford is also a WNBA star and has played for teams like Chicago Sky, the Atlanta Dream and the Dallas Wing. 

  • Kenny Williams and Kyle Williams

    Left to right: Kenny Williams and Kyle Williams Kenny Williams is a baseball executive and former MLB player, according to the MLB’s website. Aside from being a player, he rose to the ranks and became the vice president of the Chicago White Sox Association. His son, Kyle Williams, is also a successful athlete. He recently played with the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, according to his ESPN profile.

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