Born on June 7, 1958, Prince would have turned 64 years old today.

Though he didn’t celebrate birthdays himself, I couldn’t let the day pass without acknowledging my favorite artist. Back when MTV stood for “Music Television” and played music videos, I got introduced to Prince through his concert-like performance videos “1999” and “Little Red Corvette.”  Like many fans, the poster that came with the album prominently hung on my bedroom wall.

Less than two years later, Prince drops the Purple Rain album as well as the incredible feature film, which solidified me as a die-hard fan. I began collecting his earlier works and anything Prince-related I could get my hands on, like an actual reel-to-reel bootlegged copy of the original Black Album (don’t ask, I’ll deny it).

It is days like today that I look back and reminisce about the incredible memories from countless Prince concerts, Prince parties, and my first real Prince encounter thanks to the legend himself, Greg Mack.

Greg had taken over Glam Slam, the LA nightclub that Prince owned back in the day, for a special KDAY concert and had me as the opening DJ. The nightclub wasn’t even open to the public yet when I was told to start playing, so I figured I could play whatever I wanted.

After a few minutes of mixing up Erotic City with some Prince samples with Vanity 6, the promoter told me that Prince was there and asked who was DJing. I lost my mind and ended up playing way too many Prince records, lol.

It would be years later and a number of close encounters. But, I did finally meet Prince face-to-face thanks to my friend Lisa Ellis who worked with him at the record label.

Cheers to my fellow Prince fans who are celebrating his life today by listening to his music, watching his movies, or reading one of the many books about his life.

  • Prince's Glam Slam Nightclub

    Glam Slam Club

    Mirna “Vikki” Hinojos outside of Glam Slam circa ’93.

  • Prince In The Mix


    Picazzo reppin’ Prince on Jammin’ 105.7

  • Prince Mask

    Prince Face Mask

    Purple Rain washes away Covid-19 (Eye thought U knew)

  • Picazzo DJs A Prince Party

    Prince Symbol Jacket

    DIY Prince gear

  • Prince Video Party

    Picazzo DJ

    Picazzo DJs A Prince-Themed Party

  • Prince Finds In Las Vegas

    Prince at Analog Dope Store

    Picazzo with Lust and Charlie, owners of The Analog Dope Store, located on205 E. Colorado Ave. in Las Vegas.

  • Prince Tribute Show In Las Vegas

    Purple Reign Sign

    The Prince Tribute Show performs at the Tropicana Las Vegas.

  • Prince's Guitar Is Encapsulated In A Showcase

    Prince Guitar

    Prince’s Cloud Guitar is on display at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip.

  • Prince's Bandmates And Picazzo

    Picazzo Dez and Micki Free

    Picazzo hangin’ with Prince’s guitarist Dez and Shalamar’s Micki Free.

  • When Doves Cry

    When Doves Cry Tattoo

    Picazzo’s tattoo of “The Face” from “When Doves Cry.”

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