Sandee Bonita

There are no words express our deepest sorrow for the loss of our beloved Sandee Bonita. We are sending our sincere condolences to her family, friends and listeners.

Sandee Bonita passed away on March 26, 2023, three days short of her 34th birthday. Sandee was diagnosed with Lupus when she was seven-years-old and she never stopped fighting.

Sandee was a trailblazer and someone who wasn’t going to let anything stop her from reaching her dreams. She was authentically herself, which was empowering for not only her but many young Latina women across the country. She used her voice to empower and uplift people. She was a role model for many Latin Americans.

Sandee was interviewed by, on being Salvadoran, her contributions to the Latin community and her journey through entertainment.

She was a fashionista, cunningly intelligent, had an infectious laugh and had a fabulous soul. Sandee was a lover of animals, her heritage and the finer things in life. Sandee really was “bonita” inside and out.

Sandee was gracious and sympathetic. In her final days, she was reaching out to close family and friends to check in on them. Sandee documented many facets of her life on social media and her website where she wrote, in Life Lessons 2022, “May 2023 bring you love, happiness, and most importantly HEALTH!”

Who Was Sandee Bonita?

A professional Salvadorian-American radio talent from Los Angeles, California. She grew up in Van Nuys, California, attending Van Nuys High School. She made the cheerleading team encouraging on her school, fellow classmates and community. Go Wolves! The young achiever was head-strong, bubbly and energetic. While in high school, Sandee was asked to “guest host” a California radio show for a day, which reassured her love for all things music as stated on her website. Her family decided to move to Las Vegas during the last semester of her senior year. Being a first generation Salvadorian-American, it was hard for her to leave everything she knew.

Sandee didn’t let this change knock her down. She started her career back in 2007 in Vegas at Hot 97.5 KVEG on the street team. Her job entailed putting radio station stickers on car bumpers. An ode to the old days of radio! She worked at the local Las Vegas station for the next four years, earning herself her first overnight radio show from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. This was the start to a very promising radio career for the young superstar.

Wanting more, she left KVEG and applied for CBS Radio Las Vegas. The next few years shaped Sandee by helping her blossom into the radio personality that we all knew and loved. Listeners were obsessed with her sassy Spanglish. She worked part-time on Audacy’s 98.5 KLUC Top 40 radio station building up her skillset. On January 4, 2016, she started on Audacy’s Q100.5, as their first midday talent. She blessed our radio waves with laughter, love and joy. Sandee became an intricate part of Las Vegans daily commutes. Her voice felt like home for many California transplants. Sandee dedicated her time to her career, and she was always looking to improve her craft.

Next stop, Washington D.C. Sandee Bonita applied for Audacy’s Tropical WLZL El Zol 107.9, where she landed the midday position. She cracked the mic on Jan. 5, 2017, capturing the hearts of many. Sandee involved herself with the community to help make a difference in the world. Her efforts weren’t going unnoticed. On Oct. 19, 2017, she was acknowledged by The Washington Post in their THE QUADRANTS Washington from four angles: A photo essay.” She represented D.C.  as “The Top Latina Radio Personality & What’s It Like To Be An American.” Sandee’s effervescent personality could shine through any gloomy day. She had a way with people that allowed them to feel comfortable yet inspired.

We couldn’t agree with this statement more: “It’s all smiles when Sandee Bonita is on air.” After two years in D.C., she made her way home to the Entertainment Capital of the World. In 2020, Sandee Bonita was listed by Las Vegas Entrepreneur’s Magazine as part of the top 30 influencers in Las Vegas. Sandee started at Beasley Las Vegas’ very own Jammin’ 105.7 in middays on March 1, 2021. She spent her last days on-air with the love of loyal listeners and supportive co-workers.

Sandee was more than a radio talent. She was a devoted daughter, sister, friend and dog-mom. One of Sandee’s greatest loves was her adopted terrier-poo, Cali-Sunshine. Though, we may not have Sandee Bonita in the physical, her memory will live on for a lifetime. No matter what hurdle life threw at Sandee, she always remained positive. Sandee had a motto of always living life to the fullest.

Sandee traveled to destinations like Tulum, Mexico; Nassau, Bahamas; Paris, France; Malamala Island, Fiji; Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica and many more.

She did not let her auto immune disease stop her. She built a life worth living. We wanted to share what Lupus is for those who may not be familiar.

According to, “Lupus is a chronic (long-term) disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body. It’s an autoimmune disease, which means that your immune system – the body system that usually fights infections – attacks healthy tissue instead.”

We here at Jammin’ 105.7 love you always Sandee. You were a light in our day and a beautiful sound on our air waves.

Please respect her family during their time of grievance.

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