The world is slowing opening back up due to COVID-19 and the pandemic. With summertime approaching, more and more people are feeling safer to travel outside of the comfort of their homes.

With the help of vaccines and other safety procedures in place, vacations are starting to book up. Now, this may not be the case for everyone due to the financial hardships due to the pandemic.

Everyone deserves to take a needed trip away from home even if it’s in their same state. WalletHub has come to rescue with finding the best and worst places to take a staycation.

Their data consisted of comparing more than 180 cities across 44 metrics. They looked at parks per capita, restaurant-meal costs, and the share of residents who are vaccinated.

The results break down even further with overall rank, city, recreation, food and entertainment, and rest and relaxation. We know what you’re thinking… Where does this leave Las Vegas?

That’s a very good question and we have the answer for you. If you want to see more on this data research check out WalletHub. Check out the TOP five staycation locations below:

  • Map Of Cities

    Source: WalletHub
  • 6. Las Vegas, Nevada

    Sadly, we didn’t make the top five but we did make the top 10.

    Las Vegas Nevada

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  • 5. Portland, Maine

    Portland Maine

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  • 4. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Fort Lauderdale Forida

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  • 3. Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago Illinois

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  • 2. Orlando, Florida

    Orlando Florida

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  • 1. Honolulu, Hawaii

    Honolulu Hawaii

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