Happy Pride Month Las Vegas. As we celebrate in October with parties, alcohol, confetti and glitter we want to highlight important resources for the LGBTIA+ community.

Living as an LGBTQIA+ person can be invigorating, free and maybe even a bit scary. Accepting yourself and the skin that you live in is a challenge many LGBTQ identify with. The gut throat feeling of finally being able to be yourself poses many questions. Who am I? Who can I tell? Where do I go? What am I feeling? These questions may be hard to answer at first but just know, for anyone who has recently come out, or is about to come out, there are resources for YOU. You are not alone. We also want you to know that it’s okay to love someone of the same gender and there is nothing wrong with you.

The Center Las Vegas: Programs, Services, Resources And Love

Las Vegas has a safe place called “The Center.” Now, it’s not all scientific as the name sounds but it’s a recourse for those with questions or concerns.

According to the The Center website, they offer a variety of programs including:

  • General Services 

General service include using the internet, food distributing programs, event hall gatherings and services with third party partners.

  • HIV Services/Linkage To Care 

Understanding ones health is very important and just as important is understanding how to be proactive about it. The Center helps with HIV, STD and STI Tests, PreP scripts, overdose kits, pregnancy kits, contraceptives including condoms and lubricants.

  • Community Engagement 

They offer education and advocacy for partner referrals, crisis client needs, training local businesses and meal delivery.

  • Inclusive Programming 

The center understands people learn in different ways. They offer peer meetings, providing outside resource recommendations, helping with name changes, and assisting with group discussions.

  • Senior Services 

Getting up on your own two feet can be challenging. Services include weekly mingling, opportunities for learning with a bite to eat, senior holiday events and senior outings

  • Youth & Family Services 

The center understands that finding oneself can be challenging. They also understand that family involvement has a big influence on LGBTQ youth. There is help for this area. Services include family meetings, youth meetings, and events catered for youth including PRIDE, prom and more.

  • Volunteers 

Volunteers are a big part of  The Center. Over “22,000+ hours” were given to help make The Center successful. You must 18 years or older to volunteer and you can find more information HERE.

  • Recovery Support Groups 

Battling any type of problem is hard especially doing it by yourself. The Center offers judgement-free places to communicate and seek help.

  • AA Alcoholic Anonymous
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous
  • Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous
  • Smart Recovery
  • Community Groups 

The Center houses other LGBTQIA+ groups to use their space for meetings. Unique groups meet up for constructive conversation, planning and hang outs. Explore today.

Check out The Center’s website for more information on events and news.

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