Today (6/7/2023) would have been Prince‘s 65th birthday but even if he were still with us, he would have made little to no fuss about it.

Prince was famously known for not celebrating birthdays having touched on the subject in multiple interviews. During a filmed sit-down chat with Mel B at Paisley Park in 1998, Prince said he’d “celebrate the day he died rather than his birthday” referencing his belief of moving on to the “next path in life”.

The following year on the Dutch television talk show Tros TV hosted by Ivo Niehe, Prince half-jokingly stated, “I don’t celebrate ‘birth-days’ so that stops me from counting days which stops me from counting time which allows me to still look the same as I did ten years ago!”.

Rather than fixate on what would have been Prince‘s birth number, let’s look at the numbers in some of his songs. Prince would often replace the word “for” with the number 4 as well as “to” with the number 2.

Prince album "Welcome 2 America"

The album “Welcome 2 America” was a shelved project by Prince in 2010 but was released commercially after his death in 2016.

Prince fans who were also fans of the DC superhero ‘Batman‘ were treated to an entire soundtrack of Prince music in 1989. The movie’s theme song ‘Batdance‘ was released as a single and became Prince‘s fourth number one single on the Hot 100.

The B-Side to ‘Batdance‘ was a song called ‘200 Balloons‘ which was intended for use in the movie but director Tim Burton declined to use it. It falls just short of making our Top 10 list.

There are a handful of songs with numbers in the title that achieved mainstream success as radio singles while other songs are only known to those fans who spent time with entire Prince albums. For example, number 10 on our Top 10 list is found on Prince‘s thirty-eighth studio album “HITnRUN” released in 2015.

Scroll below to see if your favorite Prince song ‘with a number in the title’ made the list:

  • #10: 1000 X's & O's

  • #9: 3121

  • #8: Love 2 The 9's

  • #7: 319

  • #6: 4 The Tears In Your Eyes

  • #5: Money Don't Matter 2 Nite

  • #4: 17 Days

  • # 3: 7

  • #2: I Would Die 4 U

  • #1: 1999

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