Regardless of your profession or job title, we’ve all been there at one time or another. Arriving to our place of employment minutes (or even hours) after our scheduled start time.

It’s bad enough dealing with whatever the issue was to begin with that made us late but now we must explain to our supervisor the reason behind our tardiness.

A recent survey shared by the Journo Report breaks down the most used excuses used for being late to work. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that ‘traffic’ is the most common reason why we sometimes run behind schedule.

The overall percentage of people stating ‘traffic’ is most likely even higher here in Las Vegas where we are experiencing a variety of closures and construction projects such as “Dropicana“.

Some of you reading this may even be repeat offenders having used a few of these over the years but ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ as the survey also uncovered a few absurd excuses like “My pet goldfish was feeling unwell, and I had to take him to the vet” and “I was busy playing a game of hide and seek with my neighbor”.

Here are The Top 8 Excuses Used For Being Late To Work in order of lowest to highest percentage of responses by those surveyed.

A ‘Home-related Issue‘ was the excuse used the least with only 5% of the respondents stating reasons such as “a leaky pipe” or “no hot water. Avoiding a tie for last place was ‘Lost Item‘. Excuses such as “I couldn’t find my wallet” or “I lost my keys” was mentioned by 6% of those surveyed.

Family-related Issue‘ such as “I couldn’t get a babysitter” and “My In-laws are in town” were also some of the least used excuses having only received 7% of the responses.

Keep scrolling to see where your most used excuses for being late ranked.



  • #8 - Home-related Issues

    Rain pouring down inside kitchen

  • #7 - Lost Items

    Woman Turning Pant Pockets Inside Out

  • #6 - Family-related Issues

    Mother Scolding Her Two Kids

  • #5 - Health Issue

    Man Wrapped In A Blanket Holding Thermometer Calling Work

  • #4 - Child-related Issue

    Child Clinging To Dad's Leg As He Works

  • #3 - Oversleeping

    Sleeping Woman

  • #2 - Personal Problem

    Couple Arguing

  • #1 - Traffic

    Construction Traffic

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