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Thump In The Morning

Dogs can teach kids responsibility, compassion and patience  not to mention being the best playmates anyone could ask for.

Before you adopt any pup, however, it’s always smart to research the most suitable dog breed for your home and lifestyle. Some dogs love to tussle with rambunctious older kids, while others have gentle, patient souls more suited for little ones who might get spooked by more energetic animals. If you have young children at home, consider adopting an older dog instead of a puppy.

Older dogs are generally more patient and laid back than younger ones, which is key for kids who might pull tails or ears. Temperaments can vary based on the individual animal, but the American Kennel Club recommends these family friendly breeds as a great place to start your pet adoption search.

According to There are many benefits to have dogs in the family when you’re raising children. One of the many advantages is the fact that having dogs around will make your babies healthier, and your children are less likely to develop allergies. But safety should be considered first when your children are about to be exposed to a dog.

How you choose your new fur ever friend can depend on your living arrangements, schedule, activity levels and budget. If you’re adopting from a shelter or rescue agency, the staff can help point you toward pets who will be a good fit. When you welcome a new pet into the family, plan to provide your pup with consistent, positivity focused training as well.

Your child will also benefit from learning how to interact safely and respectfully with animals. Don’t forget to create a family schedule for walking, playing, feeding and grooming, so everyone can get in on the fun. With sweet, loving dog breeds like these, your family won’t be able to imagine life without their canine pal.

  • French Bull Dog

    French Bull Dog

    No backyard, no problem — city dwellers adore these quiet and low-maintenance pups. Their trademark “bat ears” and smaller stature physically distinguish them from their larger bulldog cousins. The prototypical Frenchie exhibits an alert, playful attitude combined with easygoing adaptability.

  • Collie

    Collie Dog

    According to The Collie is a highly social animal, devoted to his family. They’re sensitive dogs that seem to have a special understanding of their humans’ feelings. They love and need to be with their family. Collies are excellent companions for everyone in the family, young and old.

  • Cocker Spaniel

    Cocker Spaniel with kids

    The smallest member of the sporting group, the Cocker Spaniel has some of the softest ears and sweetest expression around. Compact but active, Cockers thrive with regular walks and plenty of playtime, whether they’re romping with the kids or another dog.

  • A Mutt

    A Mutt dog

    Yes, mutts aren’t an official breed per se, but that doesn’t make them any less loving or adorable! Talk to your local animal rescue for help finding an adorable mixed-breed dog that would fit with your family and lifestyle. Adopting not only gives one pup a forever home, but also frees up a spot in a shelter for another one in need.

  • Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever Dog

    Another all-American favorite, Golden Retrievers live up to their status as the quintessential family dog. They’re quick learners that require lots of physical activity: they love running, swimming, fetching and playing. In return, they’ll give you joyful companionship with plenty of silliness thrown in for good measure.

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