Elon Musk has dramatically revealed a brand makeover for Twitter — he’s now calling it “X” —  and the reactions are pouring in. Musk has decided to discard the familiar name and the instantly recognizable bird logo.

Although the site has seen design alterations before (initially appearing as ‘Twittr’), the bird graphic became the logo of the company since its introduction in 2010. And “tweeting” and “retweet” became part of our everyday language that was specific to the platform.

Musk surprised everyone with his announcement on Sunday, and by Monday morning, he tweeted that X.com now redirects to Twitter.com. He followed up with, “Interim X logo goes live later today,” and not long after, he posted a picture of Twitter’s headquarters illuminated with a massive new X.

The Twitter website has now adopted the new logo, leaving behind the familiar blue bird. In a previous statement, Musk expressed his intention to bid farewell to the Twitter brand and gradually eliminate all bird-related elements.

Twitter has prominently featured its vibrant and globally recognized blue bird logo for over a decade. The rebranding can be seen as a significant attempt to revamp the company’s image. In recent months, Musk has been warning about Twitter’s precarious financial situation, with steep losses in ad revenue and concerns about potential bankruptcy.

Adding to the pressure, Threads, a rival social media platform launched by Meta, Facebook’s parent company, garnered over 100 million user sign-ups within its first week, posing further competition to Twitter.

On Sunday, Twitter’s CEO Linda Yaccarino shared on the platform: “X represents the future state of limitless interactivity – focusing on audio, video, messaging, payments/banking – building a worldwide marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. Fueled by AI, X will connect us all in ways we’re only just starting to envision.”

Despite Yaccarino’s announcement, many users have taken to mocking the statement and questioning the motive behind the rebrand. Others suggested the “X” was a bad idea. “Imagine explaining to your wife that you watched some Xvideos today,” wrote a user.

As soon as Twitter turned into X, people didn’t waste a second and began cracking jokes about the whole transformation.

  • "X Gon' Give It To Ya!"

    In a lyrical twist, the NFT site X2Y2 chimed in on the change by referencing ‘X Gon’ Give It To Ya’ by DMX.


    Memes became the language of expression for some users, including one verified user named “Double D Katy,” who humorously questioned who exactly asked for the social platform’s rebrand.

  • X-Rated

    The letter ‘X’ often brings to mind X-rated content, leading many users — including a verified user named “Alevity” — to associate something other than a simple rebrand with the new identity.

  • The Letter X

    Sesame Street joined in on the rebrand reaction fun, using their expertise in showcasing letters by presenting the letter X in a comical press conference.

  • A bit graphic

    Amid the reactions to the rebrand, some darker sentiments emerged, including a powerful graphic depicting the iconic Twitter bird in ruins.

  • X.com

    Even the digital platform Mashable didn’t hold back, pointing out that X.com doesn’t actually redirect you to the intended URL. If you type X.com into your search bar, it still shows Twitter.com.

  • Def Leppard's 'X' Anniversary

    Coincidentally, some bands and artists have albums titled ‘X,’ including Def Leppard. The social platform’s rebranding came just in time for the 21st anniversary of the band’s X album, which falls on this Sunday.

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