I have weird hockey superstitions about where I watch the Vegas Golden Knights. Last Saturday afternoon, my wife and I were looking for a local tavern that might have an open table. We wanted to grab some dinner, drinks, and watch game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

My Wacky And Weird Superstition

The first place we stopped at was packed. No open tables. So, we were trying to decide where to go next. She mentioned a nearby tavern, but I nixed it. Why? Well, I told her every time we go there, the Golden Knights lose.

I know, ridiculous, right? After all, how can something like where we watch the VGK on television affect the outcome of an NHL game? I guess that’s why they call it a silly superstition. There’s no common sense involved.

My Hockey Playing Routine

Hockey players are notorious for being superstitious. Many have rituals such as putting on their equipment in a certain order. I don’t know if that is just a learned routine, or if it is a superstition. But, when I play hockey, I always put on my left skate, then my right skate, then my left shin pad, then my right shin pad, and so on.

If I don’t put on my equipment in that order, I just don’t feel right during the game for some reason.

Some Wacky And Weird Hockey Superstitions

I found an article on TheHockeyWriters.com which details wacky and weird hockey player superstitions by some of the game’s greatest. Greg Boysen’s article describes  the pre-game ritual of one of the game’s great goalies. Glenn Hall used to force himself to throw up before every game. Evidently, it calmed his nerves.

Another Hall of Fame goaltender would threaten any player who touched his goalie equipment. We’re talking about threatening his own teammates! What is it about goalies? Netminder Jocelyn Thibault used to pour water over his head exactly six-and-a-half minutes before every game.

Scroll Down For More Weird Hockey Superstitions

Boysen’s article on TheHockeyWriters.com has plenty more wacky and weird hockey superstitions. Scroll down to see five great ones.

  • Wayne Gretzky Needs His Baby Powder

    “The Great One,” Wayne Gretzky, would powder the blade of his hockey sticks with baby powder before each game. Some of his other superstitions include never getting his hair cut while on a road trip. In warm-ups, he would purposely miss his first shot wide to the right of the goal. Then, after warm-ups, he would always take drinks in this specific order: Diet Coke, water, Gatorade, and then he’d throw back another Diet Coke.


    A photo of NHL Hall of Fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky in 2011.

    Michael Loccisano / Staff via Getty Images

  • Patrick Roy And His Goal Posts

    This four-time Stanley Cup-winning goalie used to talk to his goal posts. Yup. Apparently, Roy felt that conversing with these inanimate objects would improve his play. And, the goal posts would be more apt to be on his side. Hard to argue with a Hall of Fame goalie.


    A hockey goaltender, wearing a black jersey, putting on his hockey helmet and mask. Patrick Roy's weird hockey superstition was to talk to his goal posts.

    Brendan Hoffman / Stringer via Getty Images

  • Brendan Shanahan Loves Madonna

    This NHL Hall of Fame forward is now the President of the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise. Back during his professional career, he always wore the shoulder pads from his junior hockey days. He also made sure he listened to at least one Madonna song before each game. I guess he had to get “Into The Groove.”


    From left to right: Actor Will Arnett, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, NHL Hall of Fame forward Brendan Shanahan. Arnett and Shanahan are seated at a bar with Bettman standing between them, his arms draped around both gentlemen. Photo was taken in 2010 at Canada Hockey Place in Vancouver.

    Christian Petersen / Staff via Getty Images

  • Joe Nieuwendyk's Pre-Game Meal

    Here’s another hockey Hall of Fame forward who had a weird hockey superstition. Before each game, Nieuwendyk ate two pieces of toast topped with peanut butter. Not one. Not three. Two. I wonder if he ate toast topped with jelly or jam after the game.


    A woman's hands spreading peanut butter on a piece of toast. On the table in the back ground is an open jar of peanut butter. There is a dry piece of toast on a cutting board set beside the jar of peanut butter.

    Alexey Koza via Getty Images

  • Sidney Crosby Says "Don't Touch My Sticks"

    One of the most heralded draft prospects in NHL history, “The Next One” (in reference to being the next greatest player to Wayne Gretzky), or “Sid The Kid,” is no longer a kid. He’s 35-years-old now. He is a gentlemanly player, but if you touch his hockey sticks after he has taped them up before a game, he’s not going to be happy. In fact, he will take all of the tape off of the stick you touched, and re-tape it. He also has a superstition of NOT calling his Mom on game days.

    On the set of the "Tonight Show starring Jay Leno. NHL player Sidney Crosby, dressed in a suit and no tie, is being interviewed by Leno.

    Handout / Handout via Getty Images



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