There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day can be a high pressure day, especially for guys. So, that said, most men will go out and spend a lot of money trying to get it right on this most critical romantic holiday.

So, Valentine’s is high pressure and can be expensive, I get that, But do guys love it, hate it, or just plain struggle to remember it? As with everything, feelings about Valentine’s Day vary from each person. Obviously, not every woman loves the holiday and all its pressures and expectations either. Some guys really do enjoy surprising their wives and girlfriends with gifts and love notes , or at least feel it’s important to try. Others, however, feel the holiday is straight up silly and expensive and are turned off by the whole thing.

It was surprising to find that over the last year there seems to be a shift in the so called classic Valentine’s Day tradition. Putting men and women on more of a level playing field. No longer is this holiday just about men buying flowers and chocolate, but women participating as well.
If you saw the other post I did titled “What Do Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day” you’d find that times have truly changed, and this stressful holiday for some is very simple and unique for others.

according to Only 5 percent of women and 5 percent of men think Valentine’s Day just exists for people to complain about how single they are!

Commercialization has definitely taken over the holiday. It wants us to think Valentine’s day is designed for men to buy things for women. However, I’m going to argue commercialization missed the point. It’s about celebrating love. Last I checked, men love being included in feeling loved too.

So,  I decided to take a poll to see what men really want for V Day. And of course passion and intimacy is still a well known request, but actually there were some very interesting request.

  • To Be Left Alone

    Man at Peace

    One listener said, “It’s just a regular day, never had a Valentine so.. I’ll take peace of mind and leave me the hell alone.”


  • Romance

    Happy couple

    Our very own Picazzo chimed in and said “I’D LIKE A ROMANTIC DAY WITH THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE! PERIOD!”

  • A Clean Bathroom?

    Clean bathroom
    I can understand a nice dinner, or maybe the remote control. But this listener said, “I’ll take peace and quiet. No request, no significant discussions, no unnecessary noise. And a clean bathroom.” I guess every man needs a nice clean place to relax in and use.
  • A Good Massage

    Another listener said “Yep! Cologne, watches, a good home-cooked romantic meal, a good massage.”
  • This Is Not A Gift


    I was glad to hear from a woman listener as she made this comment… “Even though Valentine’s Day should be every day when you’re with the one you love, men should definitely get something! It shouldn’t be all about us women! If the woman truly knows what her man likes, she’ll know what to get!!! Also ladies your 😸 is not a gift lol.”

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