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Choosing presents for guys on Valentine’s Day can be challenging. Flowers and chocolates are not what men really want. The best gift ideas for guys are the ones that take his personality into account. DJ Thump took a poll on his Facebook account…

Here are the TOP five answers of What Men Really Want for Valentine’s Day:

  • 5. A Quiet Peaceful Night With The Remote

    According to DJ Thump‘s Facebook Poll… Men just want to be left alone and to have complete control of the remote.

  • 4. A High End Bottle Of Their Favorite Alcohol Beverage

    Alcohol! Getting him his favorite drink can also work in your favor. It’s his favorite drink for a reason.

  • 3. Dinner And A Show

    You can also win with him in multiple ways. Take him to a restaurant that serves his favorite dish. After dinner, take him to a comedy show and/or a concert with one of his favorite artists.

  • 2. A Massage Or A Manicure/Pedicure

    A nice full-body massage and even a manicure/pedicure. Men won’t always admit it, but we like to be pampered as well.

  • 1. A Pair Of Tickets to His favorite Sporting Event

    If you want to score… Take him to his favorite sporting event. The game is for him and after the game is for you. It’s a win, win situation.