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Thump In The Morning

Thump In The Morning

There’s no special occasion that men and women disagree about more than Valentine’s Day! If you’re a man then you may be slightly stuck on what to purchase for your partner. It’s often a daunting task to buy that special gift because there’s a lot of pressure on this particular day. But, we’re here to hopefully help you to see that shopping for your gift friend, family members, or wife isn’t that hard of a task after all.

 The day is a celebration of something very special in our lives, which is the love that we hold with each other as a couple.  This is a day that women want to feel extra loved, appreciated and special to their partners.

Now what exactly is the definition of romance, you may ask? Well, it differs for everyone. But, according to Eharmony, romance isn’t all about heart shaped boxes of chocolates and red roses. It’s something that no relationship can do without. Valentine’s Day is a good chance to remind your partner of how much you care about them, whether it’s setting a reservation at a fancy restaurant, or performing small acts of kindness throughout the day. Romance can be anything that surprises and delights your partner  it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation.

One thing I’ve noticed is that social media has made the process of “gift giving” more of a flexing moment rather than a celebration of pure love. That’s up for debate and I invite anyone to this argument.

But, the core idea of “what women want” truly boils down to your commitment as a partner. It’s ideal to listen to your significant other about certain difficulties they face in their life. As a partner, how can you help alleviate those small difficulties in your partner’s life that causes inconveniences? For example, maybe your girlfriend or wife always complains about spilling coffee on their work clothes. This is an opportunity to show your attention to detail by buying her a vacuum-sealed mug, so she never spills coffee again.

Showing your partner that you listen and care about them will truly help make your special someone feel amazing on this day of love. It’s all about the details.

So, scroll down below to see what some of our listeners truly want for this upcoming Valentine’s Day!


  • A Single Rose


    Some women don’t need an expensive bouquet of roses that will die.

    One listener said that all she wants is, “A handwritten letter telling me real words of their feelings. A single rose that was handpicked for me. And that would be all.”

  • Basketball and Chill


    Another listener said, “Snuggling in front of the fireplace watching a basketball game. I’m pretty easy to please.”

  • A Seafood Broil Would Never Hurt

    Surf and turf looks so yummy

    Another comment expressed the desire to simply be pampered with one comment saying that she wants a “two-hour full-body hot stone massage. Seafood and steak dinner. Crème Brule for desert and roses.”

  • Eggs In This Economy?

    French Omelette

    We all know that eggs are basically the equivalent of toilet paper during Covid-19. And some ladies simply want a nice omelet with one of our lovely listeners saying that she would like, “four dozen eggs and candy. Lol.”

  • When The Taco Truck Is Calling Her Name


    After reading many of these Valentine’s Day requests, we hope that you can see that impressing your special lady for VDays isn’t so hard after all. In fact, another woman said, “I want to go have coffee and take drive listening to ’90s music and go to the taco truck on Main and Bonanza.” 

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