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The love holiday is near and you don’t want to be that spouse that is buying last-minute supermarket flowers or cards from Target — you know who you are.

Our on-air afternoon personality, DJ Thump, took a poll on his FB account asking his lady audience what they would want for Valentine’s Day. The responses Thump got aren’t what you would expect. We know diamonds are a girl’s best friend… Don’t get us wrong, we all love shiny things. The ladies wanted more personal gifts that are not only important for a relationship but memorable.

Here are the top five answers of What Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day:

  • 5. A Romantic Picnic

    There’s no need to run all over town to look for that special gift when nothing says “I love you,” more than personal quality time. Take the time to pack a small lunch with some of your lady’s favorite treats, write her a short love letter and read it to her over soft music. How romantic.

  • 4. A Home-Cooked Dinner

    Show her love with nourishment. Create a new love by creating a special dish for her. Even If you can’t cook, order her favorite restaurant and plate it as if you prepared it.

  • 3. Shopping Spree

    Most women will admit that they love to shop. Spoil her by allowing her to spoil herself with a shopping spree. Who knows you might even get something out of the deal.

  • 2. The Gift Of Her

    She likes when you tell her how much you love her, but she LOVES when you show her. Remember — actions speak louder than words. Often times, women will tell you what they want without directly saying it, and it’s up to you to pay attention. What’s her favorite color? Gift ideas could include something with her birthstone or something she might have mentioned in a conversation. Get her the gift that shows you pay attention to her love language.

  • 1. Quality Time

    Flowers will eventually die, and candy will only last for a minute. Turning off your cell phone, giving your spouse your undivided attention and connecting on a deeper level is priceless! Watching a movie at home, cuddling on the couch, and creating memories that’ll last in her heart forever will elevate both of your Valentine’s Day experience.