Families are very familiar with Chuck E. Cheese, the renowned kid’s entertainment place with fun arcade games and cheesy pizza. Their mascot being the very tall and somewhat quirky mouse has been a staple at many children’s birthday parties since 1977. Chuck E. Cheese is still making kids smile while providing joy for all but have you seen his distant cousin “Chucky Cheese”?

If you’re a horror fan or just a fan of all things creepy this might just peak your interest.

Rumored to be in the Portland, Oregon area, the newest entertainment center people are buzzing about is called “Chucky Cheese.” Yes, you heard that right and it is what you’re thinking. The horror icon who has been terrorizing kid’s dreams while attempting to take over the world by transferring his soul into other dolls has his own pizza place. Let us explain.

Pictures of the intriguing hotspot have been circulating all over the internet. Chucky looks to stand many feet tall above the entrance, holding a GIANT pizza and knife, welcoming kids and all things scary. Chucky seems to have his own line of entertainers playing on the main stage during pizza time. If you haven’t seen the “Severed Bowel Play Tunnel” prepare yourself. Parent’s would you allow your kids to crawl and slide down the imitation gastrointestinal track slide?

The “Knife Toss” has to be the most hilarious. A mouse resembling “Chuck E. Cheese” lays on a turning wheel with knives pinning him down. The background of the business looks to resemble a normal arcade atmosphere with a plethora of games to interact with. There is also a huge Chucky hand holding a bloody knife that says “Bathrooms” to point guests in the right direction.

After a deep dive into the Twitter-verse we found out these this place is unfortunately not real. The photos were created from a talented 3D artist. We are just as sad as you are but hey, see what could be a potential horror-themed pizza business venture in the future. Let us know on social… Is this something you would go to?

Note: Chucky Cheese is in no relation to Chuck E. Cheese or any of it’s affiliates.

  • Severed Bowel Play Tunnel

    Chucky Cheese

    Photo Credit: Cabel Adams

  • Close Up Of Chucky Playing Guitar

    Chucky Cheese

    Photo Credit: Cabel Adams

  • The Chucky Cheese Animatronics Show

    Chucky Cheese

    Photo Credit: Cabel Adams

  • Chucky Cheese Front

    Chucky Cheese

    Photo Credit: Cabel Adams

  • Knife Toss

    Chucky Cheese

    Photo Credit: Cabel Adams

  • Stabbing Range

    Chucky Cheese

    Photo Credit: Cabel Adams

  • See What Twitter Is Saying:

    Twitter User @itbeyussef Twitted:

    “There’s a Chucky Cheese in Oregon. I WANNA GOOOOOOO”

    See their tweet here with PHOTOS.

    Twitter User @Dementia_Grimm Tweeted:

    “The Chucky Cheese Restaurant 🔪🌈

    (Couldn’t find any information, so not sure if real or not)”

    See their tweet here with MORE PHOTOS.

    Twitter User @ZombiesAteMyBr1 Tweeted:

    “Chucky Cheese 🍕🔪

    Where a kid can be a kid and a holy terror”

    See their tweet here with OTHER PHOTOS.

    Twitter User @Possqueen” Tweeted:

    “who wants to go with me to chucky cheese”

    See their tweet here of a SMALLER CHUCKY STATUE.

    Twitter User @c483I Twitted:

    “Chucky Cheese Pizza Arcade & Bowling”

    See the photos of the INSIDE here.

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  • Carl Adams

    Cabel Adams, the creator of the images below, is a virtual reality sculptor who is very talented at creating life-like artwork. He is a 3D artist who can create augmented and virtual realities.


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