Vegas Strong: 1 October

Vegas Strong: 1 October

Vegas Strong: 1 October


1 October: A day where courage, trauma, death, community, despair and strength covered Las Vegas.

When this painful day comes back around in Vegas, a sullen, sinking feeling is felt throughout the city. On Oct.1, 2017, a man open fired on thousands of people who were enjoying, singing and dancing to the sounds of Route 91 Harvest music festival.

It was a day meant to celebrate music and the vivacious Las Vegas environment. We mourn, honor and will never forget the people who lost their lives during 1 October.

The gunman killed 60 people. Originally, the death toll was declared as 58. However, Channel 13 states that two people died from complications directly related to their injuries after the shooting occurred, which led Las Vegas Metro Police to change the death toll to 60 during the sunrise remembrance in 2020.

The cacophony, trauma, sadness and pain that connects with 1 October are not the only themes associated with this day. But, courage, community, strength and connection are nouns that also found their way into the events that unfolded during Route 91.

As the fifth year of the gut-wrenching shooting passes, this incident left our city scathed with deep wounds that haven’t been fully healed yet, even till this day. But through pain comes perseverance and a chance to create a new beginning due to an unfortunate past.

Beasley Media Group Las Vegas honors and recognizes the 60 lives lost and the hundreds injured from the 1 October tragedy that hit our hometown five years ago.

We remain resilient with our head held high as we come together in remembering as a community. The city that never sleeps truly is powered and served by hard working families that will continue to protect our loved ones during these hard times. The diversity in Vegas is what truly makes it a remarkable city to live in. We are forever #VegasStrong.