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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department honors 97-year-old Herman Moody for being the first Black officer to be hired on the force.

On February 15, the police department celebrated Moody‘s legacy and contributions to society as part of Clark County Government Center‘s Black History Month festivities.

A fearless trailblazer, Moody joined the force in 1946 and retired in 1977. His 31-year career in law enforcement started off at a time when there was no police academy and only barebones training.

Moody ended up teaching himself about Nevada‘s legal system. And he eventually helped other Black officers who started joining the force after his initial hiring. He was a man who uplifted others, and he selflessly served the Las Vegas community.

Thank you, Mr. Moody, for your service and your achievements to Black history.

Jammin105.7 salutes you, sir!

  • Video of Herman Moody Being Honored By Metro

  • Metro Officers Proud To Honor Herman Moody

    Metro officers Dwayne Henderson (left) and Adrian Hunt (right) stand in front of a model patrol car that officers drove in 1946.

  • Metro Officer Standing In Front Of Herman Moody's Memorabilia

    Officer Adrian Hunt said, “Standing next to his memorabilia is nothing compared to what Moody stood for.”

  • Metro Officer Adrian Hunt Proud To Honor Herman Moody

    Officer Adrian Hunt with Officer Herman Moody

    Las Vegas’ first Black officer, Herman moody, gives wisdom to Metro officer Adrian Hunt.