Lil Wayne’s Son Names Who He Thinks Is The ‘New Lil Wayne’

Lil Wayne was dominating the rap scene in the late aughts. Though the rapper is likely past his commercial prime, he is still considered to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Now that his children are getting older, one of Lil Wayne's sons is thinking about who will be the "new Lil Wayne." (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) In a recent interview, Wayne's youngest, Lil Novi (real name Neal Carter), was asked to name the greatest rapper of all time. Neal, 14, who looks and sounds like a Lil Lil Wayne himself, told Flophouse Atlanta that the GOAT is "Obviously my dad." Who's The New Lil Wayne? Following in his father's footsteps in wanting to pursue a professional rap career, Lil Novi adds in the interview, "But for me, I would say [Playboi] Carti is Dwayne [Wade] now." When the host asks if Carti is the new Lil Wayne Carter, Novie responds, "So yeah, Carti. If you really think, he’s there. He’s reached that level. He’s done crazy numbers." Reacting to his interview and calling Playboi Carti the new Lil Wayne, fans were divided on Lil Novi's stance. Responding in the Instagram comments section, one fan wrote, "Dude is like 15 and y’all want him to say Tupac [crying emoji], he will obviously say someone who is a newer age rapper." More were in disagreement with his take and one person said, "He out of his little mind." Another said, "Wayne should ground him for this." A third stated, "Carti is not the new Wayne." Another person wrote: "carti ain’t no F---in Wayne." One user commented, "carti definitely this generation’s wayne lol. luckily for me, wayne is my generation’s wayne so I aint mad." Added another:" My generation is the slowest group of ppl to ever experience earth [100 emoji] buddy just said Carti is the New Wayne [laughing emojis]." More people said Carti isn't the new Lil Wayne and kept the comments going. One said, "Cardi might not be top 200." Added another, "uzi is literally closer to his dad lvl then carti wtf [crying emoji]." A third stated bluntly: "Disown this kid." While another said, "He's getting cut out of the will [laughing emojis]." You can watch Lil Novi's full interview below: Neal was born in November 2009 during Lil Wayne’s on-again, off-again relationship with singer Nivea. The pair were engaged in the early 2000s and had their only child together after rekindling their relationship years later, but finally called it quits in 2010. Weezy F. Baby has three other children with different women: daughter Reginae, 25, with Antonia "Toya" Johnson; son Dwayne Michael Carter III, 15, with Sarah Vivan; and son Kameron, 14, with Lauren London.

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