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How Jammin’ 1057 Celebrates Thanksgiving & Our Traditions!

Thanksgiving is ever more so special this year because of the pandemic. It's made everyone realize just how precious life truly is and what it means to have our loved ones. Here Jammin' 1057 we wish you a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving! Here's how everyone at Jammin' 1057 is celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Mr. Syd So my wife has a huge family and Thanksgiving has always been a big family gathering at either her mom or auntie's house. Unfortunately, my wife's mom and her aunt and uncle have passed within the last three years. Some of the family including my wife have tried to keep the family dinner going but needless to say, it's not the same. We've already decided not to even try to have even a small family dinner this year because of the pandemic. So at my house for Thanksgiving this year we'll just probably have a small dinner and watch football. DJ Thump This year for Thanksgiving we are doing things differently of course. My wife and I are planning to cook dinner together at home with my mother and father in law and of course Nahla (our 8lb. Yorkie) begging for us to drop anything on the floor for her to taste. The menu will include Collard greens with turkey necks, mac and cheese, Dressing (not stuffing) mash potatoes and gravy dinner rolls, a honey glazed ham, Turkey, cranberry sauce, potato salad and asparagus. For dessert, we're having sweet potato pie cheesecake and Nahla will have her Chicken & Taters recipe treats. I will do the Prayer because my father in law prays too long and I want to eat!!! I plan to watch football but after all that food looks like the football game will be watching me. Lol! Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. Be Thankful. Greg Spin I'll be having a small gathering dinner with family. Nothing is more important than family during these times! Cat Thomas (Program Director for Jammin' 105.7) Me, Amberly and the kids have all survived COVID and have antibodies. Even though we are good to go, we have forgone our normal open house with 30-40 people and instead are having a small dinner with us, Grandma & Grandpa. Right now it is about making sure our elder family members remain in a bubble. We are doing this to keep them safe and healthy. No one outside of us this year! Good news is our Thanksgiving food and drink bill is drastically reduced! Leah (Digital Program Director for Jammin' 105.7) This year's Thanksgiving is a small one at home. It’s going to be me, the hubby, my mom and our two doggies and a couple of iPads facing us at the dining table for us to Zoom with family. Yup, we are going all-digital to Zoom and wish family a Happy Thanksgiving. This pandemic is not stopping us from having a nice Thanksgiving meal. We are trying out this year a new Rachel Ray Turkey recipe and Ina Contessa brussels sprouts that taste like candy -Yum! The hubby’s chore is to make chuck roast and deviled eggs. Oh and I almost forgot! Since mom is Pinoy we must have the pancit and Shanghai lumpia. Our thanksgiving will finish off with a pumpkin cheesecake and Starbucks peppermint coffee -maybe spiked...lol! Who’s hungry now? I wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving 2020. -Leah Ronnie G (Content Creator for Jammin' 105.7) Each year it's a tradition to go to my Uncle's house in San Bernardino, California for Thanksgiving. However, this year it will obviously be a little different. I'm Latino, so obviously, I have a huge family. With that being said, my immediate family and I are having a small dinner at my house. We'll still keep in touch with the rest of the family in California on FaceTime throughout the day to keep our family tradition's going strong. No Latino Thanksgiving is complete without Tamales and Champurrado, a chocolate-based atole drink that's extremely good! I'm half-Mexican and half-Salvadoran so we'll also be eating pupusas. It'll be a different Thanksgiving this year but all that matters is that everyone is safe during Thanksgiving! Ryan (Promotions Director for Jammin' 105.7) This year for Thanksgiving, I will be spending it with family- my wife, two kids, granddaughter, and my cousins from out of town.  As previous with previous Thanksgiving Day holidays, I will be in the kitchen cooking the turkey, cornbread dressing, and mashed potatoes.  The menu will also include ham, mac and cheese, and candied yams.  Of course, I will be having several cups of my favorite drink- Diet Pepsi!

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