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Zodiac Signs That Make The Worst Travel Buddies

Vacation season is here again, and astrologers are waving their cosmic caution flags. According to a survey from, a third of vacationers (33%) have called it quits with a partner over travel differences. Meanwhile, Essential Travel also found that one in ten friendships are ruined by traveling together. Astrologers at Psychic World have paired up with psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman to reveal the zodiacs that should avoid traveling together at all costs and the star signs that make the perfect travel partners. Which zodiac signs should not travel together?  According to the outlet, two signs that shouldn’t travel together are Leos and Scorpios. They said while the pairing makes for an “undeniably” great connection, both platonically and romantically, the two would be absolutely mismatched in venturing on a trip and soon become “starkly” aware of their differences. Honigman added, “Leos are early to bed and early to rise, whereas Scorpios are night owls. Leos also love to tick off the big tourist spots, and Scorpio prefers to look for unknown, mysterious corners.” Another tough match is Capricorn and Aquarius. “Even booking a holiday won’t be easy – with Capricorn asking to go to the hippest, most ‘happening’ destination, and Aquarius will be searching for more low-key, less visited locations. Capricorn would love to spot some celebrities, and Aquarius is interested in conversations with the regulars at the local independent shops.” They also added that Capricorn is a “lover of luxury and opulence” and likes to travel in style. On the other hand, Aquarius favors budget travel, “meeting the most elderly locals and keeping it real on the public bus.” Who should travel together? The expert suggests Sagittarius and Gemini. Additionally, Taurus and Libra and Pisces and Cancer. “Peaceful Taurus and graceful Libra both love quiet, organized spaces, and both enjoy elegant activities, like city tours, ancient castles, and designer coffees, they’ll find they have a lot in common,” said the expert. It’s worth mentioning that it ultimately comes down to personalities and not so much zodiac signs. For instance, I’ve traveled with a Taurus on many occasions, and we could never agree on where to go and what to explore. We both just had different ideas about vacations and travel. Overall, the outlet points out that the worst zodiac signs to travel with include Aries and Capricorn. “Aries are always awake, and always bored. They’re keen to look for the next activity before you even finish the current activity,” said Honigman. The expert went on to say, “Capricorns do love to go on holiday, but only if it’s four stars and above. They won’t let you just duck into a burger joint or a dive bar, they want to find the most exclusive location in the area, with a waiting list of six months.”

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