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Mountain Lion Seen Near The Las Vegas Strip Has Us Stumped

Listen, we've heard a lot of stories about mountain lions in the valley. Usually you seem them on the prowl on the edge of the valley towards Summerlin. But a mountain lion seen near the Las Vegas Strip? That sounds absolutely ludicrous. But it happened, and we are shook. We Aren't The Only One's That Are Shook 8 News Now broke the story of what seems like a totally unlikely scenario. A mountain lion, likely coming from the west side of the valley, traveled all the way down to Charleston and Valley View to a senior living community called Valley View by Welltower Living.,+1000+Scenic+Loop+Dr,+Las+Vegas,+NV+89161/S+Valley+View+Blvd+%26+West+Charleston+Boulevard,+Las+Vegas,+NV/@36.1620244,-115.3910759,12z/data=!4m15!4m14!1m5!1m1!1s0x80c8bd077971bfad:0x2746c0c1944745c9!2m2!1d-115.4278859!2d36.1356121!1m5!1m1!1s0x80c8c15e2f2f251f:0x7dc05ab3e0dcd9!2m2!1d-115.1925331!2d36.1590601!3e0!5i1?entry=ttu To put that in perspective, that is an over 14 mile journey from the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center to the corner of Charleston and Valley View and just over 3 miles away from the northern tip of the Las Vegas Strip (which ends at SAHARA Las Vegas, no matter what you say). One of the citizens of the community saw something moving on his security camera. He did a double take and saw the big puffy table. That's not a puppy. The man called out for his wife, who was out walking their tiny dog. Thankfully she got back in and didn't become a chew toy. Mountain lions are nothing to be messed with. They can jump outwards and upwards from a standstill quite a distance. This is the point in the article where we tell you how to handle a mountain lion that charges you. Because, lets face it, if there can be a mountain lion seen near the Las Vegas Strip, they can be anywhere. Two words: fight back. This isn't a "lay there and play dead" situation. The National Park Service says act intimidating, make yourself big, and fight back if you're left with no other choice. Woof. How Can There Be A Mountain Lion Seen Near The Las Vegas Strip? All we want to know is how could there be a mountain lion seen near the Las Vegas Strip in the first place? You mean to tell us it walked down Charleston, past Red Rock Casino, past Boca Park, past a Walmart and more? Most pedestrians can only successfully cross 3-4 major roads before being hit in the city. This is shocking. So, get ready to bulk up and get your growl ready. Mountain lions are now at the center of the city and we want our mommy.

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