Josh McDaniels coached in his 24th career game with the Las Vegas Raiders in Chicago, and it was a total embarrassment once again. But this time, we lost against the second-worst team in the NFL.

Fans, players, cheerleaders and concession stand workers are hoping Josh McDaniels won’t make his 25th. Posting an 11-17 record in just two seasons with the Denver Broncos makes me wonder why would anyone want to hire him as their head coach. He’s accumulated a 9-15 record in 24 games with an arsenal of top players, according to his pro record.

In fact, a social media influencer — who is also a huge fan of the Raiders — went up to Mark Davis during the Las Vegas Aces celebration parade. The video shows the social media influencer going up to Davis while holding a sign that says “Just Fire Josh.” They exchanged a few words , but it was pretty heated (you can watch the video down below).

The Raiders offense has yet to score over 19 points in a game this season. It doesn’t matter how well your defense plays if the offense struggles to make touchdowns. The Raiders are 27th in total yards per gain, last in rush per gain and they have the most turnovers in the league. The energy on this team is truly shot. No one wants to play for this coach. His decisions are questionable and sadly predictable. It’s hard to score points when the defense already knows what you’re going to do.

According to “The Raiders need more than just a couple of star players. They need real leadership; real coaching.”

The Las Vegas Raider players are beyond frustrated. Davante Adams has opened up by saying “I’m not here just to hang out; I came here to win and to do it the right way.” Al Davis has to be rolling around in his grave. Owner Mark Davis has to make a decision, and it needs to be made yesterday! Raider fans are talking about a boycott. We are spending way to much money to support this team for us to witness embarrassing showings week after week.

According to “For the third year in a row, the Las Vegas Raiders have the most expensive ticket prices in the NFL on the secondary market.”

Raider fans deserve better, and they are speaking out!

  • Kenny King Jr

    I think we ALL have felt like this at one point. This commentary from Kenny King Jr perfectly explains our feelings about the recent loss. It’s the touch of humor that gets us through it. What were your thoughts on the last game?

  • Master Marco Polo

    Fans are speaking out! Mark Davis has to hear the cry of Raider fans across the board. At times, it feels like we’re shouting and no one is hearing us.

  • CJ Errickson

    Raider fans are fed up, and we are making  an early Christmas wish to fire Josh McDaniels. Truly, we wish that our hope wasn’t this sullen. But, I can’t help but feel BAD for the players. Leadership is imperative, so maybe a good shake-up is what the franchise needs.

  • Silver & Black Today

    Commitment to excellence? Josh McDaniels has not shown his commitment to anything except for embarrassing results week after week.

  • Dov Kleiman

    With these stats, how is Josh McDaniels still able to wear a Raiders hat shirt and whistle. He has to go! The plays feel predictable right now. The other team seems to know our moves five steps in advanced.

  • Josh Dubow

    It is a fact that Josh McDaniels has history with the “OLD” patriots, but those days are gone. Besides that was Bill Belichick’s team and best believe Josh McDaniels only wore those headphones as the offensive coordinator. He probably was listening to music, and Belichick made those offensive calls.

  • RC

    Commitment to excellence? I have to agree with this fan. It seems as if the Raider organization is committed to losing.

  • Jordan Schultz

    Okay. This video had us crying! It takes a lot of guts to face to owner right after the Aces’ celebration parade. The man in the video made a sign that said “Just Fire Josh!” and essentially shouted to Davis “Josh McDaniels has to go!”

  • Jimmy James aka Raider Duke

    The petition is out! Raider fans are asking for a change in the head coach position, and Mark Davis has to come up with a wise solution.

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